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SELECTED 2013-2014

Attorney Referrals: We Accept Your Cases and Pay Referral Fees

We happily work with other lawyers to maximize value

What not to do…

Richard is an excellent family lawyer and receives a call from a former client whose mother was killed by a drunk driver.  The client is interested in having Richard represent his family and file a civil wrongful death claim against the responsible drunk driver. Richard is the only lawyer they know as his firm handled a family law matter for them in the past.

Gold White Back to PhotoshopAlmost immediately, Richard knows liability is clear and it is a big damages case.  It should be a fairly easy personal injury case resolution in his mind.

Of course, the adjuster agrees to settle this terrible loss for the driver’s $250,000 motor vehicle policy limits.  Richard’s clients are explained the concept of insurance “policy limits” and accept the settlement and a release is signed.  Richard closes out his file.  Richard liked his venture into the world of personal injury and takes more cases.

Richard later gets a call from a legal malpractice lawyer who now represents the family.  He asked Richard if he was aware of the fact that the driver had recently sold his business for $5 Million dollars shortly after the accident or if he was aware that there was a $1 Million umbrella policy.  Also, he asked why Richard hadn’t included a construction company as a defendant for allowing defects to exist causing this and other similar accidents. Had he realized the bar was liable? …Lots of questions.

Richard cost his clients money and seemingly breached ethics rules.  We all have limitations. Our injury lawyers only practice injury law. Our family lawyers only practice family law. Our criminal defense lawyers only practice in criminal court.

Injury cases are not only complex, but expensive.  Insurance carriers take counsel into consideration- whether they have the knowledge and experience and resources to take a matter all the way. We do.

Lawyers can and do refer clients to us, hand over cases they have been working, or we can assist and co-counsel with lawyers throughout the case if they feel they lack courtroom experience. We have helped other lawyers through trial, have represented injured lawyers and have represented insurance claims managers in their injury cases. We look forward to working with you.

We are happy to help other lawyers with cases and offer full referral fees as allowed by the Rules.