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Law Practice in Jacksonville

SELECTED 2013-2017

Why I Became a Lawyer

Above my desk is a framed newspaper, “The Wayne County News,” dated August 30, 1934.  In it, my great grandfather, Arthur George Busby ,was announced as the “first Wayne County…

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Thanksgiving Outreach to Clara White Mission with clients Ron Davis and Omarosa (2016)

Thanksgiving Outreach to Clara White Mission 2016 with clients Ron Davis and Omarosa. [gallery link="file" ids="9558,9559,9560,9561,9562,9563,9564,9565,9566,9567,9569,9570,9571,9572,9573,9574,9575,9576,9577,9578,9579,9580,9581,9582,9583,9584,9585,9586,9587,9588,9589,9590,9591,9592,9593,9594,9595,9596,9597,9599,9600,9601,9602,9603,9604,9605,9606,9607,9608,9609,9610,9611,9612,9613,9614,9615,9616,9617,9618,9619,9620,9621,9622,9623,9624,9625,9626,9627,9628,9629"]   Watch news coverage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1nUIWw9QZU.

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