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Prior to his move to the “4s”, Christopher spent more than a year building strong foundations in the State and Federal worlds of civil litigation at a local personal injury law firm. There, he absorbed the fundamentals of plaintiffs’ work including intake, claim analysis, claim building, client management, motion practice, insurance adjuster and opposing counsel negotiations, and bad faith. At the time of his departure, he had developed into a proficient claims litigation attorney to the tune of approximately $1,000,000 in settlements.

What he enjoyed most about that experience, however, was the relationship building and networking. Christopher fostered business and personal relationships with some of Northeast Florida’s preeminent chiropractors, pain management doctors, orthopedists, and neurosurgeons – all critical plaintiff advocates in any personal injury action. For his clients, he loved getting to know the people he was fighting for. He loved their stories. He loved securing money from the insurance companies for them. He loved being committed to justice for them.

Before his civil education, Christopher dedicated four-and-a-half years to the People of Florida as a prosecutor and intern at the State Attorney’s Office. There, he learned the machinations of the criminal justice system and forged a fair, firm, friendly, and professional reputation through his management of thousands of Misdemeanor, Juvenile, and Felony cases.

Those machinations included deep diving into Victim Advocacy and into commonly abused and violated Constitutional Rights like the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments. Not solely limited to reading and transactional drafting outside of the courtroom, Christopher dedicated thousands of hours inside of the courtroom to oral advocacy including hearings, bench trials, and jury trials to verdict. He loved his time at the State and left with a greater sense of his inherent commitment to justice.

That commitment to justice led Christopher to Phillips & Hunt. His commitment to justice allows him to intertwine his unique background in the Criminal and Civil arenas with the expectations of the Phillips & Hunt legacy.

A Tampa transplant and University of South Florida Bull, Christopher enthusiastically leads the Criminal Division at the Firm. In addition to being your staunch Criminal Law advocate, he can assist you in the following areas:

  • Civil Rights including police brutality and wrongful arrests, 
  • Victim advocacy, 
  • Injunctions, 
  • Risk Protection Orders, 
  • Personal Injury, 
  • Traffic citations, and
  • Special projects John may need him to do. 

When he is not working, Christopher is dedicated to his family: superstar wife Megan Jackson, a local principal, and two sons Christopher Jr. (4 years old) and Carter B. (born in August 2021). Hopefully soon, you’ll find him back on the golf course and traveling to interesting places!

Finally, just like his Country, Christopher is young, scrappy, and hungry. Here are the top 3 things you can expect from him:

  1. Honest, educational, and responsive Attorney-Client communication
  2. Team-based, collaborative approach to your case
  3. Pushing for the best possible outcome for your case
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