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Jacksonville Injury Lawyers

SELECTED 2013-2020

Jacksonville Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

If you live in Jacksonville Beach and you are facing criminal charges, you need help form a professional and knowledgeable Criminal Defense firm that knows how to work in the area. At The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC, we have 14 years of experience in dealing with Criminal Defense charges that our clients have faced, and we will be able to help you through this time.

Our Criminal Defense firm will fill you in on the order it takes to convict, it is the prosecutions burden to prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our job at The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC is to use our 14 years, knowledge and skill set to flesh out weaknesses in the governments case. For instance, if our Criminal Defense approach can prove police violated your rights in anyway, we will work with due diligence to have the court throw out the evidence and dismiss the charges. If your case results in a trial before a judge or jury or in a negotiated plea deal, The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC will do their best to fight for your rights within the Jacksonville Beach area.

A Criminal Defense strategy is not just about simple wins and losses, a big part is how the legal game is played. If you were arrested within the Jacksonville Beach area and you need to hire a Criminal Defense attorney, his or her ability to cross-examine witnesses and make great opening and closing statements are vital if your case ends up going to trial. At The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC we believe pretrial actions, which could include motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges, may actually make or break a case. We work closely with our clients, discussing events and gathering all details pertinent to your Criminal Defense defense.

Benefit from us today!

We are more than happy to schedule a consultation to discuss any possible defenses you have in your Criminal Defense case. If you decide to retain The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC as council, we will work hard to develop the best possible strategy for against your Criminal Defense charge. We are more than happy to meet you in the Jacksonville Beach area to discuss your case. From the moment you contact our offices, we will tailor our service to help you deal with the stresses of facing a Criminal Defense charge and develop a thorough plan to dispose of your Criminal Defense case effectively.


Automobile Accident

$2.6 Million Jury Verdict against Volusia County. Trial televised on Good Morning America.

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Wrongful Death

Represented the family of Jordan Davis and oversaw criminal prosecution of his killer, media relations of internationally reported cases and confidential civil settlement.

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Medical Malpractice

Confidential settlement of over 100 cases against a pediatric dentist who faces prosecution for fraud based on abuse of children.

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