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St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office causes mistrial in federal civil rights trial in 2011

Highly irregular things seem to occur when St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office goes on trial. Recently, it was a $4 jury verdict our office handled.

We are also working on a motion and blog about believing we were followed around and several officers stood by our cars at the conclusion of trial. If there is a retrial, we will ask for a change of venue.

2011 Mistrial

In 2011, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office stood trial for civil rights violations. As you will see in this transcript, a mistrial was declared right before the jury could reach a decision.


Here is the case:

A juror was pulled over- the only african american juror on the final panel:

And there was also an incident disclosed where the defendant officer tried to help a juror with her car during trial:


Coincidence? If you have seen unusual behavior of St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, please feel free to email us at [email protected]