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Florida Premier Trucking Lawyers: Peterbuilt Predicts Automated Vehicles by 2029 (Sort of)

The trucking industry has a hope for a major transformation. Specifically, Peterbuilt predicts automated vehicles by 2029. But wait, there’s more. “Truck drivers” will still be in business and in charge of moving people and things in far more advanced fashion, as their vehicles will (I guess) still be manually controlled while everything else is automated.

It predicts:

An important part of this transformation will be the role of the “truck driver,” which will grow in stature and esteem (similar to that of an airplane pilot). Leading groups of vehicles, this next generation driver will safeguard passengers and cargo in the group and will ultimately serve as the foundation of modern transportation.

Ambitious? They go further:

The road pilot will have greater responsibility; therefore, the spaces and interfaces of a vehicle in “pilot mode” will be purpose-driven to enhance pilot capabilities. These enhanced pilot capabilities will give passengers the security and confidence to enjoy and utilize the full range of activities that SymbiotUX “passenger mode” can afford.

The L.A. Autoshow graphics they built are, well, straight out of the future. The video is both terribly boring and incredibly advanced:

Essentially, their audience is… truck drivers. So, they have to keep them in the loop. We suspect that if automation becomes that advanced, truck drivers will be just as obsolete as chauffeurs and taxi drivers.

I recently gave a TED talk alongside Jim Barbaresso in Jacksonville. We will post when it is available. Jim is an expert on the topic. Certainly, driver-less car technology is coming. And we think by 2029 is a pretty safe bet, but trucker as pilots? Truckers transporting commercial passengers like a train? Come back and say ‘I told you so’ in 2029, but this doesn’t add up. It sounds like they are pandering to their buyers.

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