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<span>John Phillips & Matt Hunt:</span> Florida Board Certified

John Phillips & Matt Hunt: Florida Board Certified

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John M. Phillips is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer . There are only about 1000 total Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers in the state of Florida out of the 100,000 total lawyers in the State. It is the highest mark of recognition our profession allows.

In order to “certify” a lawyer, the Florida Bar uses the requirements:

  • ♦  Practice of law for at least 5 years;
  • ♦  Substantial involvement in the specialty of civil trial law– 50% or more- during the 3 years immediately preceding application;
  • ♦  Handling of at least 15 contested civil cases, including cases before juries as lead counsel and as trier of fact on some or all of the issues;
  • ♦  50 hours of approved civil trial law certification continuing legal education in the 3 years immediately preceding application;
  • ♦  Peer review by lawyers and judges the lawyer has tried cases with; and,
  • ♦  A written examination on civil procedure, the rules of professional conduct, the rules of evidence, trial procedure and more.

It is a commitment of time and effort that is rare in the profession. It shows that John is, indeed, an expert and specialist in civil trial law.

Matt Hunt is a Florida Bar Board Certified Marital & Family Lawyer . There are less than 300 Board Certified Marital and Family lawyers in the state of Florida.

  • ♦  Established by the Florida Supreme Court, board certification is conferred upon lawyers by the most credible and highest authority over the state’s legal community, The Florida Bar.
  • ♦  Board certification is Florida’s official, independent determination of a lawyer’s expertise to practice in a specialty field of law. It is the gold standard for Florida lawyers, representing a recognition by a lawyer’s peers that they have attained a level of professional expertise in their chosen fields.
  • ♦  The Florida Bar thoroughly evaluates all board-certified lawyers for credibility and expertise in a particular area of law, and professionalism and ethics in the practice of law. Our slogan is “Evaluated for Professionalism, Tested for Expertise.”
  • ♦  As of December 2020, 7% of eligible Florida Bar members – fewer than 5,200 lawyers – have earned board certification in one or more of the 27 specialty areas.

It shows that Matt is an expert and specialist in Marital & Family law.

About Us:

We invite you to review our verdicts, our accolades and awards and what clients have to say about us and give us a call for a free consultation where our lawyers will consult with you personally.  John represents clients in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and before the U.S. Supreme Court with passion and compassion. Our firm handles a wide variety of injury and death cases, criminal defense, family law and a host of high profile matters all over. We can be emailed at or call us in Florida at (904) 444-4444 or Georgia at (912) 444-4444.