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Jacksonville Injury Lawyers

SELECTED 2013-2020

Justice for Joe!


Jacksonville, Fla. – Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as “Joe Exotic,” has retained John M. Phillips, Amy Hanna and the Law Offices of Phillips & Hunt to lead criminal and civil litigation matters related to a new trial.

Maldonado- Passage was a key subject of the 2020 television show, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. However, Mr. Maldonado-Passage has been in prison since before this series debuted and has not watched a single episode.

He takes exception with his portrayal in the show and has significant issues related to how the filming hindered his criminal trial. Further, since the trial, information has since come to light about witnesses colluding and conspiring against Maldonado-Passage.

“Justice is supposed to be blind, fair and level,” said attorney John M. Phillips from his primary office in Jacksonville, Florida, “Yet, we already have evidence that Joe’s trial was none of those things.” Phillips continued, “Our goal is to set the record straight and get a new trial for Mr. Maldonado-Passage. We are working through these issues now. This is serious and probably has been treated with less seriousness and sanctity than justice deserves.”

Those who have any information or evidence are invited to submit it to Phillips & Hunt or report any helpful information to our office at (800) LITIGATE.

There will be no press conference at this time. There is too much work to do.

Statement from Joe Maldonado- Passage:

Statement from Joe Maldonado- Passage:

3.1.21 4:16 PM

“I have had the honor of meeting with Attorney John Phillips here at the prison and discussed how to proceed with my case and “Justice for Joe Exotic.” The goal is to get to the truth, so I can return home and get back to helping the people of the world. I have hired him to be lead criminal and civil counsel on my case and he has assured me he will be assembling a “dream team” of top notch criminal defense attorneys and investigators to assure me the best defense possible.

And John Phillips can get me TRUE JUSTICE, which is long overdue.”

Criminal Trial Transcripts: