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<span>JACKSONVILLE</span> Criminal defense attorneys

JACKSONVILLE Criminal defense attorneys

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phillips, hunt & walker Your Mistake Does Not Define You

At the Law Offices of Phillips, Hunt & Walker, we understand that good people make mistakes. When accused of a crime, everyone deserves to be represented by experienced trial lawyers. Our criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville will fight for you both in and out of court while providing you with the personal attention and counseling you deserve. Our client-centered approach and attention to detail ensures that all of our clients understand their options and what to expect at every stage of the process. A passion for the law and compassion for clients are our hallmarks.

phillips, hunt & walker Florida Criminal Court Procedures and Legal Process

The Florida rules of criminal procedure can be confusing amidst what is already a very stressful time in your (and your family’s) life. A thorough understanding of the rules and how they can be used to your advantage is critical in ensuring that you receive the best defense possible, this is why you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas. A good criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville will not only help you navigate through this process, but will help you understand exactly what to expect so you are not left with any questions about what is happening and how it will impact your case.

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Contact our Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach based criminal defense lawyers for a private, confidential and free consultation. We serve all of northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, Orange Park, Mandarin, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach, and anywhere else we need to be for your convenience. The Criminal Defense division of Phillips, Hunt & Walker is here for you. We are located at 212 North Laura Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. You can submit a free case evaluation online at or over the phone at (904) 444-4444.

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