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Law Practice in Jacksonville

SELECTED 2013-2017

Video Testimonials

Ron Davis

Ron Davis & John Phillips.

Chip Southworth

Chip Southworth Talks about Lawyer John Phillips during his Tedx talk.

Brandi Motley

Brandi Motley talking about her current situation with Dr. Schneider.

Robert Shapiro

Best Lawyer in America.

Written Testimonials

Ron Davis

People don’t realize the value of having someone in your corner that is not out for the money…it’s hard to find people like that.  

No Better Attorney

I was most pleased with Mr. Hunt’s representation and effectiveness. He made a most unpleasant situation bearable. There is no better in his chosen field of expertise.

When mistakes happen, John is the eraser

I got cited for boating and drinking and other violations. John helped straighten things out and helped us on another issue, too. He also gave us free living wills and looked at our insurance. Great guy.

A DUI Client
Great lawyer.

John handled an automobile accident claim for a back injury. He was nice and even did a free living will at the end. His staff was great handling my case. Great lawyer.

A Car Accident Client
Highly Recommend

Plain and simple I wish I’d hired Matt first. There are many lawyers that can’t compete with what Matt can do, if I’d hired Matt first my divorce would have been different. At least he salvaged the damage including reduction of child support.

A Family Law Client
Thank you!

John Philips was not my assigned lawyer, but he did take part in my case with helping out whenever he could. He is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful person, He truly cares for his clients. He helped me in a way that not many lawyers or people would ever do.

A Car Accident Client
Great experience

My husband and I were in a wreck. John helped us find doctors as my pcp didn’t take my insurance and helped us through the settlement. we dealt with the case managers and an attorney from day one. I think his name was TC. We settled our case fairly and didnt have to pay full medical bills. I was surprised at how insurance worked.

A Personal Injury Client
Excellent Attorney

Matt represented me regarding a lawsuit with my ex wife. I found him to be very professional, intelligent and proactive regarding my concerns about the case. He gave me great advice and brought the case to a pleasant conclusion. I found him easy to work with and a great attorney always listening to any of my thoughts.

Most Awesome Attorney

John Phillips is the most caring and compassionate attorney I have every encountered. John works tirelessly for his clients and not afraid to represent the little guy against big companies. John represented me in a case where a notable and infamous public figure violated the copyright of my work. John got my story out to local and national news agencies and was successful in obtaining a positive outcome in my case. John is the best!


Peer Reviews

As Seen On

“I endorse this lawyer. A very knowledgable attorney and valuable asset to the legal community.”

Andrew Kravis

“I endorse attorney John Phillips. Donates his time providing legal answers on Avvo from people seeking advise. Respected member of legal industry.”

Dmitry Gorin

“A very knowledgeable attorney and a zealous advocate for his clients. I endorse this lawyer.”

Carlo Borja

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Dmitriy Shakhnevich

“I endorse attorney John Phillips. Hard working and skilled lawyer who is respected by clients and peers in the legal industry.”

Steven Cron

“I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. A brilliant attorney, highly respected in the legal community.”

Giacomo Behar

“Mr. Phillips is a very knowledgeable, articulate, and talented attorney. He has dedicated his time to help many people, including fellow attorneys with his exceptional contributions to Avvo.”

Ashley Marks

“John is a valued member of the AVVO community. His participation is always on point and helpful. He is an aggressive and effective advocate for his clients and a great lawyer.”

Bruno Bianchi

“I endorse this lawyer. He is an asset to the legal community and a true advocate for his clients.”

Ara Saroian

“I endorse this lawyer.”

John Rogers

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Brian Hurwitz

“I not only endorse this lawyer. I give this lawyer 5 stars!”

Judd Nemiro