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Sports Law encompasses several areas of law, as an athlete’s needs are diverse. We handle most of these areas and have a team of outside lawyers who handle the issues we do not.

Few lawyers in the country have handled more crisis cases than Attorney John Phillips. He even created and trademarked the brand Courts & Sports when he was an NFLPA and CFLPA certified agent.

Issues such as contracts, family law, criminal law, employment law and torts are quite common. Most importantly, crisis management starts long before a crisis occurs. Having a lawyer is extremely important, and can save your reputation at a time when reputation is everything.

Proving his expertise, Attorney John Phillips has advised members of the highest levels of the federal government and has litigated in New York and D.C. against the federal government and president. He has also represented athletes who play professional hockey, football, baseball and other sports. In addition, he has represented numerous actresses, actors, musicians and high profile individuals.

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