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Jacksonville Dollar General Mass Shooting Evidence Locker

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phillips, hunt & walker Jacksonville Dollar General Mass Shooting: Evidence Locker


On August 26, 2023, Ryan Palmeter, using an assault style riffle decorated with swastikas, murdered three people at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. On that Saturday, Palmeter, a 21-year-old white male, left his home in Orange Park, Florida and headed to nearby Jacksonville, Florida in a car packed with weapons and ammunition. His intent to kill people of color made clear by a so-called manifesto left in his room. He made two stops before reaching Dollar General. He stopped at a Family Dollar store and Edward Waters University, but was scared off from both places by the presence of security. Palmeter, dressed in a bullet proof vest and blue latex gloves, then drove to a Dollar General store where he launched an attack that took the lives of Angela Carr, A.J. Laguerre and Jerrald Gallion. During the rampage, Palmeter terrorized those he did not murder. He told some to run and he told others they were safe. As brave Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers arrived, Palmeter barricaded himself in a back office where he ultimately shot and killed himself.

Immediately after the mass shooting, politicians and pariahs used the event for their own agendas. Months later, some of the family members would realize that nothing had been done. The store was reopening, promises of help and change were largely unfulfilled and the investigation was in some part closed because the killer took his own life. On January 19, 2024, JSO released much of the evidence in the case- photos, the killer’s “manifesto,” and hundreds of pages of police reports. Our office spent the weekend going through these items and have put some of the evidence on this page. While some might consider Palmeter a loner or his writings a mere, “diary of a madman,” the fact is he was not alone. In fact, he followed the examples set by several before him, all with racist ideals and who encouraged mass elimination of people based on the color of their skin.

We will in no way publish or make his “manifesto” available, but have read it and will use to in our upcoming lawsuits. In the wrong hands, it serves as additional delusional evidence that murder, hate, racism and violence are justifiable paths. They are not and never will be. However, lawyers, leaders and legislators must read it so that they can understand that ignoring these incidents and resorting to a “thoughts and prayers” mentality only makes room for more senseless murders.

Evidence Locker:

We have been provided with the following pieces of evidence. We need more. Please contact us if you have any other evidence, or details about Ryan Palmeter, this incident or any other evidence in this case.


8/26/2023 Dollar General School, Family Dollar & Traffic Cam Footage

People have claimed these are the diaries of a madman, but we know these manifestos are all substantially similar and come from the exchange of extreme ideas that can be found on sites like 8chan, 4chan, grub and others. The Jacksonville Dollar General shooter not only left behind a manifesto (which we are not posting or publishing), but he decorated his murder weapon with this sick ideology. We are investigating the writings and symbols because it is important that we understand the root causes of hate and racist violence – not only to try and get justice for the victim’s families, but in our pursuant for change.

Photos of Shooters AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory:

Manifestos of similar killers:

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