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The importance of a nice fitting suit… before you take on a lawsuit

Every year, we buy every lawyer who has been with our office for a year a custom suit for Christmas. TC is on his fourth. It’s not about vanity or even fashion. It is about going to court looking professional. Nothing flashy. Nothing distracting. Heck, nothing even that expensive. A nice, well fitting suit may not make your preparation at trial any better, but it certainly establishes that it is business time for our clients. That we are ready.


We once tried a case in Volusia County before national and local television cameras. It ended with a $2.6 million dollar verdict for our client. After trial, we heard comments about how put together we looked all trial. It wasn’t a knock on our opponents, although their arguments and defenses weren’t the only ill fitting and wrinkled things in the courtroom that week. It was about how a trial team should operate even when trying a case far from home- as a unit, well prepared, well organized.

No one at our office dresses better than Matt Hunt, our family lawyer. Heck, he was also even named one of the “10 sexiest men in Jacksonville” last year. Unlike our personal injury lawyers who do not go to court or see clients on a daily basis, Matt is always trying to make an impression and usually is in a suit. He understands that preparedness starts with his morning routine long before he enters the courthouse. His clients appreciate it.


As the firm’s founder, John built this firm around working hard and playing hard. Few firms can be seen together as much as our team. Take a look at the community page for just a peek into that. As we end another year, our attorneys rack up another suit. Not a lawsuit, but a custom suit. Because we don’t try one thing without the other.

Thanks to Alan Vinson for keeping us looking our best. If you need a suit, give him a call. Tell him John Phillips sent you and he may give you a bit of a discount. Remember to ask for suit jacket sleeves with working buttons. We don’t think any of us have ever unbuttoned ours (as we are not “that guy,” haha), but it’s a feature of a nice suit.


As we head into 2017, know that your legal team is prepared. No coffee stains on the cuffs. No cigarette holes on the jacket. Although John loves his jeans and polos, too, he can’t wait to put on the Tom Fords and nice suit to passionately present a closing argument. All of our lawyers can’t wait. We wouldn’t have it any other way.