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More Than a Trial Lawyer

Some personal injury lawyers rarely go to trial.  They specialize in taking the highest offer they can get for the client.  Sometimes that offer is not enough- quite often actually.  We not only take cases through jury verdict when necessary, we go the extra mile and advocate for clients outside of the courthouse.

In the case of Erin Joynt v. Volusia County, John’s client was run over by a lifeguard in a large pick-up truck, which was operating where sunbathers were enjoying the sun.  After the County issues some misreports about her injury, John went directly to the Volusia County Council to plead for justice and accountability.  His appearance before the County Council is located here.


John also represented a young lady named Aria Jewett.  Aria was the victim of an attack, which stemmed from bullying.  In addition to successfully handling a trial obtaining an injunction for his client in what was called a “landmark verdict” by media, John appeared before the second-highest appellate court in Florida, fighting to keep the judge’s mandate in tact. The appeal was covered by media. Watch here.

In the wrongful death of Jordan Davis, we had the honor of attending a US Senate hearing with Jordan’s mother, who spoke to the highest legislative body in the United States about her son.  To read more, click here. To watch her speech, click here.

Additionally, John had the honor of presenting testimony to the Florida House of Representatives Committee on Stand Your Ground.  His speech is located here.

In addition to numerous appearances on television, advocacy before administrative bodies, fighting through red tape, the Law Offices of John M. Phillips desires to go the extra mile for clients.  Justice is spelled one way, but defined a million different ways. Make sure you hire a lawyer who doesn’t try to apply the same definition every time.