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Orlando Pulse GoFund Me Pages: Done with your knowledge and permission?

GoFundme.com pages pop up after many tragedies. In most circumstances, the person or entity behind the page is authorized, although sometimes this can get complicated. We spoke to a friend of a victim who said the victim was in dire need of support. Money has to get to these families and soon. As a lawyer, we know these pages are well intended, but are only proper and legal IF the promised money gets to the victims.

We are not directly involved in this case, but wanted families and victims to be able to see if someone was wrongly collecting on their behalf and also provide a unified site to give a voice to ALL of the different victims seeking help. If needed, this can also provide law enforcement and gofundme with tools to prosecute any fraud and see who is taking advantage.

Our thoughts and prayers travel with you all.

Please note amounts and information accurate as of June 16, 2016, at 1:43 PM or at time of posting. All text is directly copied from sites.


GROUP FUNDRAISERS – These need to be limited. This is too vulnerable to fraud and getting money to the victims will be tough enough even for larger entities.


Support Victims of Pulse Shooting$4,816,528 – “Equality Florida is collecting contributions via this GoFundMe page to support every single victim of the horrific shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub. This includes victims’ families, survivors, and those in the club who may not have suffered physical injury but in need of support.”


Pulse Tragedy Community Fund$381,643 – “This is the official Go Fund Me organised (sic) by the Community agencies working together.  The lead agency operating this fund is the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and our website is  www.thecenterorlando.org.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and 100% of the proceeds will go to victims and their families”

Orlando Humanist Memorials$2,964 –  “This fundraiser is established to cover the costs of secular memorial services for the families of any victims that request non-religious services including:
– A certified Humanist Celebrant of the Humanist Society or a certified Secular Celebrant of the Center for Inquiry
– Services of a funeral home or similar secular venue
– Unused funds will be donated as indicated below

Your support is requested immediately and this campaign will be increased when needed to support additional requests. All funds not used directly to support the above-listed goals will be donated to Equality Florida and The GLBT Center in equal shares on July 15th, 2016.”

#PrayForOrlando – Victim Fundraiser$2,850 – This fundraiser is being managed by Things Floridians Like , LLC. I am a UCF alumni and founding member of the company and will ensure that every dollar goes to the cause. I have worked to raise money for other nonprofits such as Florida Abolitionist and Children’s Miracle Network in the past.

OrlandoStrong: Victim’s Fund$2,100 – Donations will be used for services that will directly help those families affected by the Pulse shooting. All the money will be sent to Hope and Help Center of Central Florida to help their efforts.

Art Donation for Orlando Victims$485 – Aside from print and mailing costs, 100% of the donations will be sent to the victims of the tragedy.

Support for Orlando$620 – “My name is James Lormand and I am a local resident here in Orlando. My address stands 5 minutes from where this horrible act took place. As a member of the immediate community I want to raise support financially and otherwise for the families of our lost residents. Today I was able to make contact with the GLBT Center in Orlando through whom all funds raised will be redistrubuted. Once our goal is met I will hand all donations over to  executive director DeCarlo.”

Help for Orlando LGBT massacre  – $7,505 – This fund is for the victims and their families of this horrific massacre. 100% of this money will go to helping those involved with Medical bills , Funeral costs, and any other unforeseen expense they may face in this upcoming time. Equality Florida Action, Inc (equal.org) will be making sure the funds are distributed properly.

Pulse Nightlcub Orlando Massacre$200 – “After the horrific events in Orlando it is time the Washington DC area come together as one family. Let’s rasie money to help the victims and their families in Orlando.”

Benefit Concert for Pulse Orlando$35 – Myself and my fellow CHHS ALUMNI CHORUS friends are putting together a Benefit Concert to raise money for the families of the people who lost their lives to the senseless violence at Pure Nightclub in Orlando. Please donate what you can to help those in need, all proceeds will be donated to the families. We are setting up the GoFundMe account for those who would like to donate but cannot make it. Please help us to help them!

Help The LGBTQ Victims of Orlando! – $145 – “100% of all proceeds will go directly to the Equality Florida Institute, an advicocy group that fights for the betterment of Florida’s LGBTQ community.”


OPD and Victims of Orlando Tragedy $2,050 – United States Pretrial Services and Probation in the Middle District of Florida are raising money for the Orlando Police Department to show that we stand behind them and their officers in this very difficult time… We are also raising money for the victims and the families of the victims of this tragedy. We want to support these people in their times of need, and show them that we all stand together as a nation. Our agencies (Pretrial and Probation) are going to donate the money to the The Center in Orlando, Florida, which is raising money to go directly towards the victims and families of this tragedy.


Celebrating our SunglassHut Family – $2,375 – “My name is Thomas Wible, and I am the Regional Trainer for Sunglass Hut Orlando Outlets, the region that our three Associates worked in. Between myself and the Regional Manager, Jessica Johnson, we wanted to provide a digital way that Sunglass Hut Associates, their family, and friends could give to help the Associates we lost. The funds raised will be combined with the Luxottica Guardian Angel Fund, and will be distributed to the families of the Associates we lost to assist in funeral expenses.”



Brenda Marquez McCool$53,993 – “My mother Brenda was at the Pulse night Club and was shot multiple times. My name is Farrell Marshall her 5th oldest son. She was currently pronounced dead as of 6:23 pm today 6/12/2016. Mother of 11 children. She was single mother. She now leaves 11 children alone on this earth who’s in need of dire help from anyone. Anything to help us in need of this time would be greatly appreciated. Please help with any donation so that me and my brother’s and sister’s will not have to worry about financial problems.”

Dru & Juan$37,492 – “Please help us raise funds for the families during this time and their services.  We will update with more information as it comes. We appreciate all of the support during this time. Juan Ramon Guerrero 06/28/93 – 06/12/16. Christopher Andrew “Drew” Leinonen 06/01/84-06/12/16.
*This was created by Brandon Wolf, Mohammed Alim, and Brittany Sted for Juan and Drew’s families. Please keep them in their thoughts.”

In Honor Of Simon And Oscar$3,855 – “My name is Jose Angel Andujar, and Oscar and Simon were my world. My heart is broken for the lost of my two best friends and I know if it was the other way around they would do this for me to. I am blessed to have known them and to be with them in the last moments. I am making this to help both their families in this horrible time. I know there are many go funds made but I needed to make one for them on my behalf.”

Family of Eddie Sotomayor – Pulse – $28,150 – “All funds will be given directly to Eddie’s sister Kimberly to help with the expenses she and her family incur as she goes through the heartbreaking steps of picking up the pieces in wake of this horrific event.”

Pulse Victim -Tevin Crosby$857 – “Tevin Crosby was a victim of the Orlando Attack on June11th. We have lost a very good person to this hateful and cowardly attack. We are Tevin’s co -workers and we want to do whatever we can to help his family in their time of need. Tevin would have done the same for any of us. He had a huge heart and was a great business partner and friend.  I know Tevin’s family will be very greatful for any help they receive. Tevin was helping care for his mother and his family and all money raised will go to Tevin’s family. I thank you in advance for the outpouring of support for the Orlando victims.”

Kim Morris Memorial Fund$13,710 – “Sunday June 12th the world lost a beautiful soul. Kimberly Morris (aka KJ or Daddy K) was working as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL and was a victim of the tragic shooting that took place. We are asking that anyone who is able to contribute to her funeral and other expenses to please give whatever they can. Her family needs financial and emotional support and we, as her extended family, want to lesson the burden as much as we possibly can. All money from this campaign will go directly towards Kim’s funeral expenses and to support her immediate family through this very difficult time.”

Cory Connell Family Expenses$22,419 – Please join the College Park community in supporting the family of Cory Connell, whose life was cut short in Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando.  It is evident by the outpouring of love on Facebook that Cory’s smile and kind heart touched many. Please consider assisting the Connells  with travel and funeral expenses, lost wages or whatever they may need during this heartbreaking time.

Darryl Burt ll – Florida Jaycee $11,443 – It is with great sadness that I share with you that this tragedy has affected the JCI Florida community not simply because it is an atrocity that occurred in our state, but because this attack took one of our own members; Darryl Roman Burt II, Jacksonville Jaycees (FL). During this time of need, please keep Darryl’s family, friends, and the members of the Jacksonville Jaycees in your thoughts and prayers.

MERCEDES FLORES PULSE VICTIM$6,405 – “My name is Roberto Escobar i live in Queens NEW YORK and i started this campaign with the only intention of helping my Godfather CESAR FLORES Oldest Brother his wife my cousin NANCY FLORES and MArisol’s little Brother JOSE FlORES raised some money for the family  funeral expenses of Marisol  Flores Victim of the ORLANDO FL shooting at PULSE NIGHTCLUB she was the baby and only girl in the family .Family woken to the horrible news that  Mercedez Flores is no longer with us. may her soul rest in peace please help us raised some funds for the family lets all show some support and united give to those who need we all see the news and never know when we are going to be the ones in needed for help.”

JeanCarlos loving memory$1,870 – “JeanCarlos unfortunately was one of 52  victms in the massacre on Saturday night Jean was such a loving, humble full of life, Love by many Left behind with a broken heart his Mom and Sister and a family . your donations will be towards his mom and sister showing them support and love .Anything will be greatful.”

Jimmy De Jesus-Pulse Victim $445 – “We are setting up this page in hopes to raise enough money to aid our family in preparing funeral arrangements and for transportation expenses related to getting Jimmy to his final resting place, his homeland of Puerto Rico.”

In Memory of Leroy Valentin$4,497 – As many of you all have heard the news, Leroy “Roy”, was a victim of the mass shooting that took place in Pulse Night Club. I have known Roy for a few years and considered him to be a brother. I have taken the responsibility to assist his family with this hard time as they do not have family members in Orlando.

Ayuda a la familia de SimonCarrillo$1,100 – “La Familia de Simon Carrillo se encuentran devastados en estos momentos por la tragedia ocurrida, necesitan de tu ayuda para soportar y sobrellevar los gastos de funeral y varios. Por favor contamos con ustedes! Gracias.”

Rodolfo Ayala Family$5,150 – “My name is Alijanice Rodriguez. I am Rodolfo’s friend. I live in kissimmee fl and I am raising funds to support Rodolfo’s family. Rodolfo’s parents will be coming to Kissimmee in the next comming weeks to take care of all Rodolfo’s matters, including his house and car. They will stay in Florida for an undetermine period of time and will use the money for their own expenses and to pay his car and house until they decide and make the necesary arrangements. I will ask gofundme.com to send a check or deposit the money to Rodolfo’s mom, Praceres Ayala in Puerto Rico.”

Family grievances for Luis Vielma$14,943 – Words cannot express what Luis Vielma meant in this world and the affect and impact his loss has. Luis was a brother, a son, and a friend to everyone he crossed paths with. You would never see him without a smile on his face no matter what was going on around him. Whether he was at the theme parks, playing soccer, or just hanging out with his friends, that smile was constant. He is now watching from above as our guardian angel.  At this time we ask for any donations to help Luis’s family in this time of difficulty and grief for personal expenses and funeral preparations. Any donations will be immensely appreciated.”

Luis Vielma Support $913 – “These times are hard and expenses will be another burden on the family. Let’s join together as a big family and join the Vielmas with a little bit more peace of mind.  Let’s join together and help out as much as we possibly can.  We love you Lucho!”

Expenses for funeral services $17,187 – “All funds are going to be transferred to Liz Jorge. She is Javier’s sister. They will be using this money to pay funeral services in Orlando, Fl and Guayama, PR. Liz and Gabriel needs to travel to PR and Liz’s kids are going as well. They need to rent cars, place to stay, get flower arrangements, pay bills, among a lot of other things. Please note I requested permission from the family to do this and it was granted to me. I am really trying to hel (sic) Javi’s family. Thank you all for your donations and prayers. ”

Eric Ortiz Victim of Pulse$3,805 – “Hello my name is Aileen my brother in law was part of the victims of the massacre in Orlando. I am doing this for him as he has been always supportive of his friends and family and a giving person. In this fundraising event we want to give back to him something of his kindess. He always said that the he wanted to be cremeted and be in his country which is Puerto Rico . We want to bring him back to his country and release his rest at the island as he always wanted.  Please join the cause and Donate.”

Jean C. Mendez$11,680 – “My name is Angel Mendez from Kissimmee Florida please help us raise money for funeral arrangements to honor our loving brother and devoted son. Jean C. Mendez was a victim like many others of the Orlando Shooting. He was a man full of life and joy who loved his friends and family above all things. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.”

Pulse victim- Oscar Aracena funeral$3,775 – My name is Wendy,  I reside in West Palm Beach, Florida, aunt of Oscar Aracena who was shot and killed in Orlando at Pulse nightclub… Im trying to raise funds to help his father Ambiorix Aracena and family ease the unexpected upcoming expenses due to his tragic death.

Gilbert R. Silva$2,670 – “We are honored and blessed to have known Gilbert Silva Menendez. He was a truly blessing in our lives and we will miss him forever. Our care and love of those around him will provide comfort and peace to his family to get them through the days ahead. Please lets help his family raise funds to cover expenses and make it easier for them after this tragic and unexpected lost.”

Eddie Justice-Pulse NC Victim$13,820 – “As I sit here and type this with a heavy heart and uncertainity, that my beloved cousin may have been taking from us to soon. The money is for hospital expenses or God forbid, a funeral. (Jeffery Robinson)… Family was notified late last night that he did not survive. Please respect my family during this loss. Even if his mother set up a separate page this page was created by close friends as well as family so we can raise enough to help his mom and sisters during this time of need.”

Angel Candelario Massacure victim$1,130 – “In a time like this MANY lives have changed due to someone’s mistake,we hope that you find in your heart to contribute to help a family which lost a great part of their lives.Not only was he a son,a friend but also a nurse someone that had a great heart willing to help others at this point we pray that you find it in your heart to donate to help this family at loss due to this tragedy many lives were lost bringing debts to the family left behind we do this to try to lift even the smallest burden from the family.EVERY little bit helps!”

Akyra Murray Fund$7,642 – This is the official, family-approved GoFundMe account for Akyra Monet Murray who we tragically lost in the senseless violence that took place in Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016. My name is Beulah Osueke. I coached Akyra at West Catholic for the past two years.

Help Our Fallen Angel Yilmary$6,304 – “My name is Natalia and I am trying to raise money for my little sister Yilmary Rodriguez. She was a victim in the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. We went there for a night of fun and instead she paid with her life. Mary left behind the light of her eyes her 2 boys Jariel and Sergio, and her loving and devoted husband Pito.”

Pulse victim and partner of Frank H$10,374 – “This Go Fund Me has been created for our great friend Brett Rigas.  Brett lost his partner Frank Hernandez  in the horific shooting at Pulse in Orlando.  This has been a nightmare and Brett is left picking up the shattered pieces.  Any amount will help.  All funds will go to funeral expenses and other cost related to this tragedy.”

Frank Hernandez Escalante$11,715 – “My name is Linda Garza and Frank was my best friend for the last 15 years. We both originally went to school in Weslaco, TX where I continue to reside. He had moved to Orlando to make a better future for himself. I, Linda Garza, along with all his family and many friends would greatly appreciate any type of help we can get to bring him back to Texas, for funeral expenses and any medical bills that may come about. His family has total access and are so thankful for any help. Thank you all so much. Again, any type of help is greatly appreciated by his family.”

Remembering Jerry Wright$2,205 – “GoFundMe run by McKenzie Shaw and Michael Goeller (friends and coworkers of Jerry). The money will be given directly to his family.  A friend, fellow cast member, and beautiful soul was taken from this world in the Pulse shooting. Jerry was a great presence to be around and could always make you feel welcome. Please help with whatever you can to support his family in any expenses they may face after this terrible tragedy.”

Franky Jimmy De Jesus$3,075 – “Our hearts are deeply sadden by the loss of Franky Jimmy De Jesus, a vibrant soul who’s creative energy was felt by all. Like many others we are looking to band together in effort to support the unexpected costs that have now arisen. The family wishes to lay Franky to rest in his home land of Puerto Rico. We are asking for many donations possible to help the family get through this time. Thank you and God bless!”

Supporting Bernandette Cruz $5,210 – “Please help! This is created to help Petter Ommy Gonzalez mother with all upcoming unexpected expenses. All that donate will be a huge blessing to Ommy’s family. Thanks for supporting this family in this unfortunate loss. #Rip Petter Ommy Gonzalez”

Xavier E. Serrano Rosado (Eman)$11,600 – Hello! my name is Wilma Lozano. I was Xavier’s best friend, partner and his son mother. had to start saying thank you everyone for you support  towards me, our families and specially our son. All the funds will go towards all his arrangments for Xavier. After all is taking care the money left will remaind in this account cause it will turn into his son Kelvyn’s collage funds.

#OFIlovesOscarSimon$2,680 – “The OFI family is shocked and saddened about the senseless mass shooting that killed at least 50 people and injured more in an Orlando Nightclub-Pulse on Sunday morning. Sadly, this tragedy has affected our family. Two  of our beloved team members, Oscar Aracena and Simon Carrillo were victims of the shooting and are no longer with us.  The OFI family has set up this account to direclty assist the families of the victims with whatever financial support they may need at this time.”

Pulse Victim Jose “Junior” Martinez$2,665 – “I am Sarah Rosales a close family Friend to Jose”Junior”Martinez he lives with my brother in law. We live in Altamonte Springs Fl just North of Orlando. We are raising funds for Junior as he will be unable to work anytime soon due to his injuries. The money raised will directly go to Jose Junior Martinez. Please see Junior’s story below and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.”

Dannys Funeral$7,350 – “As most of you know, our good friend Danny fell victim to the tragedy that occured on Saturay night at Pulse nightclub.  We would like to ask our friends and family for help for the funeral expenses, since his body will need to be transported to Puerto Rico.  Even the smallest donations are greatly appreciated!  Thank you all for your help and support in this tough time.”

Funeral expenses for Luis Capo$2,940 – “For Manny and I, it affected one of our employee’s directly.  His 20 year old son was one of the fatally wounded.  Like many, the loss came as a total shock and has left him and his wife grieving, while at the same time trying to make the necessary arrangements for his burial.  We are asking anyone that is willing and able to contribute financially to do so.  Any amount will be a huge help and will be greatly appreciated.  Carmen Capo, his mom will be receiving all of the proceeds to pay for the funeral expenses.”

#alvearstrong$42,544 – Mayra Alvear and Danny Alvear are Amanda’s parents.  They will be the beneficiaries for the funds raised throught this account. Unfortunately our hours of hoping and praying the unknown would be answered with a miracle were answered with heartbreak, we were notified early Monday morning that Amanda Alvear was among the deceased inside Pulse.

Orlando Shooting – Angel Santiago$12,000 – “On 6/12/2016 Angel Santiago Jr. was one of the many lives affected by the senseless violence at the Pulse club shooting in Orlando, FL. During this time he sustained several gunshot wounds to his legs which will require hospitalization and possibly multiple surgeries.”

Help for family of Miguel Honorato$2,080 – Me as her best friend and sister want to ask help to support Minerva Mederos who lost her husband at the Pulse Club mass shooting in Orlando .. Miguel A. Honorato, 30yrs old was an amazing father of 3 children!! He was a happy person and had lots of friends and family… Unfortunately his wife is left behind with her 1 , 3 and 14 year old boys… Shes going to have a lot of expenses to cover as time passes by.. She needs all the help she can get.

Jonathan Camuy Family Support?$2,354 – “Hi everybody, we are trying to collect donation money for my nephew Jonathan A. Camuy Vega for his family’s expenses dealing with this situation . He was involved in the Pulse Massacre, any little bit helps. Please keep his family in your prayers.”

Funeral Juan Chavez Victima pulse$4,490 – “Los fondos son para los gastos funerarios incurrido por la familia de Juan. Juan Chavez fue una de las tantas personas que fueron victimas del tiroteo en Pulse en la madrugada del 6/12.
Para aquellos que tuvieron el placer de conocerlo el fue un gran amigo, hermano, tio y empleoado. Nuestro corazón estará siempre ede luto por tu partida Te queremos y te vamos a extrañar que descanses en paz al lado de papa dios.”

Juan Chavez-Martinez$5,526 – We are asking for donations to help with the funeral services in Mexico for my uncle Juan Chavez Martinez. He was one of the victims in the mass shooting at Club Pulse in Orlando. His parents live in Mexico and they need all the possible help. This is the only page for Juan Chavez Martinez

To Help Jean Carlos Nieves Family$675 – My name is Christopher M Diaz, This is in honor to of my good friend Jean Carlor Nieves who passed away in the shooting at Pulse in Orlando. All this is going to his mother Dimarie Rodriguez WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DIMARIE.RODRIGUEZ.3 There is so much that they need, please share with all your friends and family.

Orlando Victim Funeral Airfare$1,260 – My beautiful coworker, Jesus and his husband, Tony lost their dear friend, Angel L. Candelario-Padro in the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando.  I need your help to raise the funds to send them from Chicago to Puerto Rico for the funeral. I will be so thankful if you join me to help them purchase airfare.



Paula Blanco #PrayForPaula$6,105 – My name is Chandice Hunter and I am the QB and Captain for the Orlando Anarchy Women’s Tackle Football Team…  I’m setting up this GoFundMe page because she will need help with all the surgeries and therapy to regain some of the functions in her hand. It’s going to be a very painful long process but with her lovely big sister Laura, various members of her immediate family, and her Orlando Anarchy gridiron sisters she will get through this and be stronger than ever.”

Laura’s Fund: A Pulse Victim$28,405 – Laura Vargas was shot twice in the back and remains in critical condition… Please, donate to Laura in the name of her family, love, solidarity and compassion. Anything helps… GoFundMe has asked that I share who I am. I am Rachel Alexander, Laura’s friend. We met in college and have been friends ever since. I am going to give all proceeds to her and her family. Every dime will go into Laura’s care, recovery and happiness.”

Help Joaquin with his hospital bill$7,905 – “Seguimos con las bendiciones! Vamos por más!!! Ayúdanos a alcanzar la nueva meta pro fondos de Joaquín! Se q podemos llegar ya q lo q empezó como un sueño hoy es una realidad”

Angel Colon Medical Exp Fund$860 – He is a victim of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and is in stable condition. We know how expensive hospitals can be so I figured if we can raise a little to help with medical expenses, I’ve done my part in returning the favor of making my 1st convention memorable. Thanks and Zumba Love. (My name is Kellie Fritz. I live in Columbus, OH. I met Angel Colon in Orlando last August while he worked for ZINCON15. All funds will be transferred directly to him and/or his parents to cover any medical expenses and will never touch my account. )

Bryan Lopez Caraballo$28,045 – “Please, we ask for your support to cover medical and personal expenses. We thank the Lord for your participation in this difficult time. We truly appreciate you all – Bryan’s Family.”

LGBT & Friends to a Pulse Victim$470 – We are going to be donating this money now to a surviver that’s in the hospital and was first counted as dead but made it ! Her name is Amanda Grau . The money has to be released to a person due to the way the go fund me is set up and we felt she would be an amazing recipient.”

Tony Strong$18,188 – “Unfortunately, Tony was injured in the Pulse shooting on 6/12/2016.  He is now in critical, but stable condition and is continuing his fight to return to his family and friends.  He a strong individual and I have faith he will make it through his recover with grace.”

Bella Melendez$1,185 – As many of you already know, Leonel Melendez was one of the shooting victims at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, whom currently is in critical condition and both his short /long term prognosis is unknown at this time. Although Leonel and I are separated, we have a beautiful, thriving and happy six year old daughter.  He has been an amazing father whom always has been present and provided for his daughter on a monthly basis. This fundraiser has been created to support Bella and aid in filling the immediate gap that is now left empty due to her father’s unknown prognosis.”

Help Rodney Sumter Recover PULSE$5,650 – “Rodney was working at pulse nightclub the night the shooting happened. He was shot 3 times, once in each arm and once in the back.”

Orlando pulse victim Rodney Sumter$605 – “This page has been set up by the family of Rodney Sumter to give those of you that wish to offer support to assist in covering his medical bills and the support of his 2 children as he recovers from 3 gunshot wounds (2 in both arms and 1 in his Back) from the senseless mass shooting in Orlando.”

Please help 4 Victor speed recovery$400 – On Saturday at 2:00 am Victor Guanchez was involved in this tragic and horrific Mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. A senseless crime and It will be a long way to recovery. He barely has family here in the United States. He barely can walk and the road to recovery is going to be hard for Him. His live will be put on hold for months or even years to come. He won’t be able to work or sustain himself without help. We are pleading for your support to help these victims of hate.

Ilka Marie for a Speedy Recovery $7,783 – “She is currently in the ICU at ORMC where from what we know, has suffered 5 to 8 gun shot wounds which have affected her spine and has so far undergone 1 surgery. She and her family are in need of any help possible to get through this difficult time. Please keep her in your prayers and thank you for generosity. My name is Alyssa Gentile and I am Aida Batista’s Sister In Law, who is the aunt of Ilka. I have known Ilka for over 16 years now and knowing that her and her family are going through this critical time breaks my heart. All funds are going directly to her family and they will use it as needed for her recovery. Thank you! “

Pulse Orlando Survivors- Essentials$635 – We have identified a suvivor, and a friend, Christopher Morales from the deadly attack at Pulse Night Club. With your help, and the help of all the community members, YOLO Mentoring & Therapeutic Services intends to raise money to aid the Christopher Morales and assist other survivors when they are safely released from the hospital.

Help support Javier Nava$3,355 – “As many of you know, there has been a tragic event that affected everyone worldwide. The shooting at pulse night club has caused devastation to many close friends and family. Unfortunately, our beloved friend Javier Nava was a victim of this awful incident. We are praying for a speedy recovery from his wounds, however he will need all the help he can get since he will not be able to work in the meantime.”

Pulse survivor Elmer$907 – “Elmer is one of the victims of the pulse club shooting in Orlando. Luckily Elmer survived. He is still hospitalized and awaiting a second surgery. He is from El Salvador, and does not have many family here. Please help us help him! He is such a sweet person & it’s going thru a very hard time in his life and needs all the help he can get! PLEASE!!”

Aldrin and Christopher Recovery$3,459 – On Saturday at 2:00 am Aldrin and Christopher were involved in this tragic and horrific Mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. A  senseless crime and they are fighting for their life. They barely have family here in the United States. Aldrin got shot in the arm ,legs and kidney. They already took all the bullets out and now he needs blood B+ to survive. Christopher was shot 4 times. He barely can walk and the road to recovery is going to be hard for both of them. Their lives will be put on hold for months or even years to come. They won’t be able to work or sustain themselves without help.

Angel Colon’s Road to Recovery$12,923 – “Created June 12, 2016 by Jordan Delacruz.”

Jeff Rodriguez Support$12,020 – “So I, Jeff’s little younger brother(Santos Rodriguez III) created this account for the big brother Jeff Rodriguez. He was one of the victims from the horrific attack that took place in Orlando at Club Pulse on June 12th of 2016. I am the youngest brother to Jeff Rodriguez. I live in Spring Hill Fl, roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes away.”

#PrayForAngie$8,418 – “I’m am Marcela, a long time friend of Angelique Caro. As many of you know Angie was part of the Orlando Pulse shooting. She is on the road to recovery and in good spirits. She is currently in the hospital getting better. She has a long road ahead, as she got hit two times during the incident. She will be out of work for 6-8 weeks once out of the hospital. Here we are in an attempt to lift some of the burden of finances, as this is the least we could do. Anything that we can contribute, I know will be greatly appreciated. Here we are to help with her bills and any outstanding medical bills.”

Pulse survivor$662 – “After the senseless and unimaginable acts of violence committed this past weekend in Orlando many victims like myself have been left with incredible medical bills. My name “Swizzy” Bennett and I’m 25. I went out in for a night of fun with friends and I witnessed the execution of my best friend and so many others.”

Jorshua’s Pulse Fundraiser$2,695 – “You can’t help them all, but you can start with one. No donation is too small. Every little bit counts.”

Orlando Pulse: Shawn R, and Angel C$863 – This GoFundMe’s purpose is to raise money to help with Angel’s medical expenses, and also the ongoing psychological care that Shawn and Angel will need to go through in order to cope with the trauma of what they have experienced. My cousin, Shawn Royster had just flown in from NYC and was enjoying a night out with friends when he heard the shots.  (To hear his story watch his video that is posted from his interview with CBS news). Angel Colon, was walking into Pulse from the back patio to pay his bill and was about to leave when the shots started. He was shot 5 times in the back and fell to the ground. As the shooter stood over him, he played dead. The shooter proceeded to shoot the girl next to him in the head (he held her hand as she died).  He was trampled in the mayhem and also sustained a broken leg from the crowd running on his body as he continued to play dead. Shane Tomlinson was also walking into Pulse from the back patio to pay his tab when the shots rang out.  He was seperated from Shawn and Angel and for a full 24 hours no one knew what his status was.  He was recently confirmed to be one of the fatal victims of the shooting.


Kate Maini Support – $16,467 – We are fortunate enough to be able to spend more days on this earth with her as she was one of the few that survived the horrible attack at Pulse in Orlando. We are raising funds to help her and her son, Rocco get through this nightmare in hopes we can lighten the financial burden on the horizon from the aftermath..  This was Kates primary job and she was working during this senseless attack, narrowly escaping.

Jason’s Pulse Recovery Fund$715 – “Jason narrowly escaped with his life, while losing multiple friends in the attack. The memories of the sights and sounds of that night have made a lasting impression on him, which will take a long process of healing. Jason faces a long road of recovery that will keep him out of work for an extended period of time. It is important to begin the road to healing and recovery as soon as possible. The psychological scars can last a lifetime and with the proper treatment, love and support, we can help him overcome this horrific tragedy.”



Employees of Pulse$8,220 – “This is to get the team members of Pulse through at least the next month. This will be to help with their day to day, the rent, car payments, and other daily needs. We are aware that some team members will need additional assistance, but this is gearded specifically to the staff and team members of Pulse the goal is to be able to give every member $5,000 to make it through the month so the financial relief can be lifted. The funds will be given directly to The owner of Pulse, Barbara Poma, so she can take care of her team. I am Jennifer Welsh. I am an Orlando Resident. Director of Marketing for The B Media Group based out of Orlando.”

To Help Pulse Staff Out Of A Job$1,225 – “I am glad to have another source of income for myself, but for some of these men and women, Pulse was it. That was their only way they made money.  Not a penny of this is going to me, every single cent will be going to these wonderful people who made Pulse Orlando the welcoming and beautiful place that is was. It’s the least that we can do for them, no one should suffer in any more ways because of this.”

Pulse Orlando Employees$425 – “For those of you who don’t know me my name is Leighann Ruggiero and my husbands cousin was bartending the night of the shooting. Michael’s sisters and I are raising money so that Michael and his friends can stay afloat while they deal with this tragedy… Michael and his friends can use this money to pay for their daily needs, rent, car payments, phones, etc during this time of healing. The goal is for them to not have to worry about their finances while they work through this tragedy and gain the strength to start again.”

Salon Dulay Supports Pulse Orlando$1,320 – 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Pulse Orlando, where it will be used to help displaced workers and all who have been affected by the events in the early morning of Sunday June 12, 2016.

Pulse DJ Assistance – “It’s with great sadness to share with you all that three talented DJs were affected by the events that unfolded early Sunday Morning at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida… Three Entertainers have experienced life long injuries both mentally and physically. Ray Rivera was performing on the outside patio when the shooting began. Also involved in the heartbreak was Kraig “DJ Flawless” Matthews and Simon “DJSimon2001″ Roman-Barria. Monies will be divided between the DJs to help cover living expenses while they wait to return to work.”


Ray Rivera Pulse Nightclub patio DJ$8,377 – “My name is David Luchsinger and I am the general manager of a production company here in Orlando Florida. Ray Rivera is one of my team here at Electro-Magic. Ray was the DJ on the Patio at Pulse that terrible night here in Orlando where 49 people lost their lives… So now to the reason I have set up this page, as I mentioned before Ray was the DJ on the Patio. All of his Gear, his laptop, his backup laptop, his brand new controller, his sampler his headphones….EVERYTHING has been destroyed. It has been left outside in the rain and the sun for a few days now. So on top of his life never being the same again and losing many friends, he has lost all of the tools he uses to make a living and provide for his family.”

for new phone and rent$1,095  – “My name is Jon as most of you know ,i was a barback at the Pulse the night of the shooting, i was fortionate enought to escape the tragity with my life, my phone on the other hand is still in the bar as well as my car parked out front . I am not creating this page to get rich by any means , i just want to continue on with life and try to put this behind me and make sure my bills get paid now that i dont have a job. Any little bit u could offer would be much appreciated and once im on back on my feet i will gladly pass it on”



Recovering from pulse shooting$765 – A gofundme for my bother Eddie Villalona who has lost several friends to the Orlando Pulse night club massacre shooting. From the moment he received the call at approximately 3:00am & was informed about his best friend  Angel Colon he left Miami & drove to Orlando to be with his LGBT FAMILY. Due to this tragedy he will not be able to work for approximately 2 weeks. He will be in Orlando caring for his friend and helping the families of his close friends that have lost there lives. We ask that as family and friends we help in this moment of need. This has impacted his life and many other families emotionally, mentally & physically. Once the goal is met parts of the proceeds will be given to Angel Colon and Leroy Fernandez family members.

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