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Serving Warren Sapp

On November 14, 2016, we filed a lawsuit against NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, alleging a host of tort related acts on behalf of our client Paula Trickey. We will leave those issues, and Mr. Sapp’s defenses to those claims to court. As we filed suit in Mr. Sapp’s home county, we immediately sought to serve him at this last known address. We finally served him on February 12, 2018.

Multiple attempts were made. This isn’t even reflective of all of them:

We debated asking the judge if this was a case where service by social media was appropriate, as Mr. Sapp was aware and denied the claim, but still refused to provide us with the name of a lawyer, agent or other person to discuss this with:

We devised a plan to serve him at an appearance and focused on RaiderFest. We even paid for a “photo-op” with Mr. Sapp to ensure close proximity, as well as proof of service.

We hired a process server and equipped him with all resources he needed, including a “photo op” with Mr. Sapp. We stood by the phone to provide guidance. He obtained personal service by standing in line and getting a photo with Warren Sapp:

Here is video of the process:

Here is some of the media which resulted from the release of the photo:

Our client now solely looks to sort this out in the Courts.

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