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VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: Personal Injury – $939,276

Roebuck v. Lo – $939,276 Trial Verdict, Over $1 Million Final Judgment* (2011)

On August 13, 2008, a 31-year-old mother of two was rear-ended at a stop light on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida. The next day, she sought treatment from her primary care doctor, as well as chiropractic treatment and pain management care from Physician’s Group. In April 2009, she had a two level percutaneous laser microdiscectomy performed on her lower back in Tampa, Florida. She continued to treat with Physician’s Group for Piriformis Syndrome, a painful condition that affects her left hip. She has had between 12 to 15 pain injections in her back and hip and will require pain medications for life. A jury in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida awarded her $939,276.78 in damages.  The final judgment was over $1 million dollars, Mr. Lo’s insurance carrier (State Farm) appealed and we settled for an undisclosed amount well in excess of the Defendant’s policy limits.
*co-tried to verdict while at Morgan & Morgan*