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A Guy Named Gilligan Filed a Lawsuit in the El Faro Litigation: And it is a Doozy

We often say “anyone can file anything” and the recent lawsuit in the El Faro litigation proves it. Read it for yourself:

Tom Hank Gilligan was not a victim and is not the family of a victim of the sunken El Faro tragedy and his lawsuit may get him in hot water if he’s a real person. He has sued Tote Maritime, doing business as the El Faro and Sea Star Line. The only thing worse than his spelling is his timing and sense of humor.

He states:

Comes now, the Plaintiff, (and) moves this honorable court to Issue an Order for Defendants named in this suit to respond. This suit brought under 42 USC 1983, and Plainitff seeks a straining order against Defendant’s shipping any ships in U.S. or international waters and porting all ships owned by Defendants because of gross negligence, deliberate indifference and violation of safety laws which puts all occupants on defendant(‘s) ships facing imminent danger and bodily harm. Plaintiff seeks $100,000,000.00 million dollars in punitive damages to be donated to victims families of the El Faro disaster.

Legal issues aside, that is nice. He doesn’t have standing to do so, but it conveys a desire to see a wrong corrected. Yet, then he proceeds:

Defendants have faulty electrical systems, corroded steel which their ships are made from sweat shop labor in Guatemala, their ships have no life boats or life vests. Last year, El Faro hit a(n) iceberg near where the Titanic sunk and the defendants patched it up with Elmer’s glue for cost saving measures. Also, the captain of the El Faro was drunk on Captain Morgan and knew the dangers of the mysterious Bermuda triangle but went anyway because he was obsessed with Daryl Hannah from Splash. I feel so bad for the victims of this gross miscarriage of justice. I have secret blogs / emails of the captain of El Faro obsessed off Lupitz who flew the plane in the (illegible) the Gambino’s, defaulted in his countrywide subprime loan and took (the) anti-depressants Zoloft, so he wanted to go down with the ship because the captain of El Faro’s favorite movie is the perfect storm according to Ashley Madison website the captain was a member of behind the captain was a member of behind his wife’s back. Sea Star Line, LLC Executives are criminals. They are pirates of the Caribbean. I seek restraining orders off them, too. I cry at night hoping the victims will be found. Also Perry Cohen and the captain of the El Faro was best friend with the Korea Ferry captain and the Captain of the costa concordia in Italy. They all play Dungeons and Dragons. From sea to sea, I pray for relief and pray for justice against the defendants. Respectfully submitted, Tom Hank Gilligan, #13643-004, FCI Fort Dix, PB Box 2000, Fort Dix, NJ 08640

Tom, of course, doesn’t exist. His inmate number was last registered to Harry H. Foster, who was released in 1987.

If the person was caught, the court could hold the author in contempt and sanction him or her.

Now is not the time for jokes.


Here is a serious piece breaking down the latest lawsuits and claims in the El Faro Litigation. Our lawyers are working with a local Board Certified Admiralty lawyer to help victims with their claims.