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Erin Joynt Case: Our firm handles trials and defends our verdicts on appeal

Today, John argued before the 5th District Court of Appeal on Erin Joynt versus Volusia County, as the County appealed $600,000 of the $2,600,000 verdict we received last year.

Erin and her family stopped off in Daytona Beach to see its famous beaches before desiring to travel to Orlando for the amusement parks.  They did not make it to Orlando.  A part time lifeguard ran her over as she laid on the sand, causing many broken bones, blood to come out of her ears, her to lapse into a coma and not be able to hear or speak fully for quite some time.  She has recovered- some.  She views life as the part of the glass that is half full, not what was taken from her that day in 2011.

We pray her case comes to an end, but with every measure of justice we can get her.  She’s an amazing person.