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Injured? How to Choose a Jacksonville Chiropractor or Doctor

A great case starts with a great doctor

Over John’s 15 year career specializing in personal injury, he has gotten to know many of the local chiropractors, physical rehabilitationists, doctors, pain management specialists and surgeons. In fact, many doctors recommend us to their clients. We often kid our clients that we aren’t a doctor, we just “play one” in a courtroom. Telling your story requires us to know a lot about medical science and the biomechanics of injury and healing.

Jacksonville, Florida has quite a few wonderful doctors and chiropractors who not only know how to treat you and do so really well, but know how important detailed medical record keeping is and know the art of testifying before in a deposition or at trial.

Let us work with your medical specialists to tell your story the best way.

How to choose a great Jacksonville chiropractor

A few things you can do to choose a great chiropractor are:

  1. Ask those you trust. Who would be the best Jacksonville chiropractor for me?
  2. Ask other doctors. Primary care physicians and other doctors may refer you to a peer.
  3. See what the State says. Verify the chiropractor’s license with the state of Florida-
  4. What do others say? Check his/her reviews on Google, Facebook and similar sites.
  5. Ask your lawyer? If it is an injury case, ask your lawyer. We know who helps your case and who hurts it.

Give us a call

We invite you to review our verdicts, our accolades and awards and what clients have to say about us and give us a call for a free consultation where our lawyers will consult with you personally.  John represents clients in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and before the U.S. Supreme Court with passion and compassion. Our firm handles a wide variety of injury and death cases, criminal defense, family law and a host of high profile matters. We can be emailed at or call us at (904) 444-4444 in Florida or (912) 444-4444 in Georgia.