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JACKSONVILLE Retention Pond Accident

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Retention Pond Accident

Every time we turn on the news lately we find another victim of a retention pond car accident. Maybe it is our new heighten awareness after a client walked in with a similar incident regarding a loved one he almost lost. After being hit at high speeds our clients car was sent into a pond. Unconscious he would have drowned as the car became submerged, had it not been for quick thinking citizens that came to his rescue.

It is in these situations we want safety codes and standards to be implemented. Guard rails, barriers, and shoulder surfaces are all safety measures that should be used to ensure road safety and that cars aren’t sent into ponds. However, we see time and time again not enough is being implemented.

National Safety Commission says that less than one-half of 1% of all automobile crashes involves a vehicle being submerged. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you do the math, the Florida Highway Patrol says it equals to about 4800 per year in Florida alone. More than 300 of those accidents are fatal.

Submerged Vehicles

Florida Highway Patrol offers video that educate drivers on what to do, when you are in a submerged vehicle situation. View here. We highly recommend everyone take a few minutes to learn the steps recommended should this ever happen to you. We hope that all of the safety measures are in place when you are on the road, but should something like this happen to you, we hope call us, the Law Office of John M. Phillips – your Retention Pond Accident Attorney.

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