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VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: Personal Injury – $325,000

Our client was the clear victim of negligence by an underinsured party. The at fault party only had $25,000 in insurance, which was promptly paid. Ms. Marchegiani next looked to her own insurance, as she carried substantial UM coverage through GEICO at a premium price.  Since the wreck and as a direct result from it, she necessitated surgery, including a neck fusion. GEICO stalled.

GEICO repeatedly failed to make an offer in light of several written extensions in December of 2013 and January of 2014. Finally, in March of 2014, after several phone calls and letters, GEICO, after being in possession of excessive amounts of medical bills and the causation of a surgery, made an offer of $50,000.00 to resolve the UM claim. Their offer failed to account for the full amount outstanding medical bills, any future medical bills, last wages or earning capacity and also does not account for or contemplate the pain and suffering damages of Ms. Marchegiani. So, we sued GEICO and they settled for our final offer before trial.

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