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<span>Child Custody Attorney</span> Atlantic Beach

Child Custody Attorney Atlantic Beach

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phillips, hunt & walker Child Custody in Atlantic Beach

Law Offices of John M. Phillips takes the time to sit down with each client to discuss the entire Atlantic Beach child custody process from beginning to end. The firm will ensure you understand everything that is going to happen in your case. You will be in control and empowered to pursue your goals actively.

Each family law case is unique and no set of circumstances are the same. Law Offices of John M. Phillips listens to your goals and needs to craft strategic solutions that are right for you and in the best interest of your family. Optimizing the ability for each client to move forward when their case is finished is the focus.

At Law Offices of John M. Phillips, you will receive all the benefits of working with an attorney who actually cares about you and your case. The firm values a strong attorney-client relationship in order to represent you to the fullest potential. Having many years focusing on family law matters, Law Offices of John M. Phillips understands the local laws and explain how they apply to your case.

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