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<span>Criminal Defense Lawyer </span> Fernandina Beach

Criminal Defense Lawyer Fernandina Beach

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phillips, hunt & walker Fernandina Beach Criminal Defense

Anyone faced with criminal charges should immediately seek and retain a Fernandina Beach criminal defense lawyer. Only an attorney will have the training, knowledge, and skill to build a strong defense and fight for the freedom of the accused victim in court. It can be very difficult, however, to weed through all of the different firms and find the legal representation that your case needs. With Law Offices of John M. Phillips by your side, you will receive individualized attention and care from an attorney who is compassionate and dedicated to protecting the rights of their client.

The Fernandina Beach criminal justice system is not so easily forgiving. That is why you need an aggressive, compassionate, and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side. Law Offices of John M. Phillips is a Fernandina Beach criminal defense law firm that is eager to protect your rights, call (904) 444-4444 today.

Law Offices of John M. Phillips knows that Fernandina Beach area clients need someone to rely on that is beyond impersonal, formal representation. For many years, Law Offices of John M. Phillips is fully devoted to both: justly representing each client in their criminal defense case and supporting them throughout the process. Contact Law Offices of John M. Phillips today to receive compassionate and aggressive legal representation.

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