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Jacksonville BeachFelony Attorney

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phillips, hunt & walker Felony Attorney in Jacksonville Beach

When facing criminal charges, your rights and your freedom are often in danger. For example, criminal convictions can lead to jail or prison time, loss of the right to vote, loss of a job or the ability to get hired, and more. Law Offices of John M. Phillips hold these interests in the highest regard and know they are important to you. That is why each criminal charge is taken seriously and fought hard for in order to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

Law Offices of John M. Phillips has the dedication, compassion, and knowledge to build a strong defense for your felony case. With many years handling such cases, Law Offices of John M. Phillips has developed the know-how and skills to aggressively fight for the rights of those accused, charged, or arrested of a felony offense in the Jacksonville Beach area.

For many years, Law Offices of John M. Phillips has been successfully tailoring strategies by working closely with clients and putting their needs first. Law Offices of John M. Phillips has gained its reputation due to the hardworking dedication, individualized attention, and aggressive defense employed in prior cases. Do not let your felony case become a burden in your life, allow Law Offices of John M. Phillips to help you with your legal matter.

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