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<span>JACKSONVILLE</span> Domestic Violence

JACKSONVILLE Domestic Violence

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phillips, hunt & walker Jacksonville :

Domestic Violence is a very serious issue in our society today.

On one hand these heinous act needs to be stopped, and we represent victims (regardless of gender) to assure they are given the protection they need and should be afforded, and aggressively fight to assure this occurs.

On the other hand, Injunctions are sometimes used as a leverage tool in contested divorces, and the respondent can often times be completely innocent, and the unfortunate victim of a strategy play in domestic arguments. In this case, we aggressively will point out what often times can be spotted as a false domestic claim to professionals, and fight to assure these cases are not entered, and attempt to assure these false claims are not used to dilute the real domestic violence problems that the statute was created for.

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