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<span>Copyright Dispute Against George Zimmerman</span> Rick Wilson and The Associated Press v. George Zimmerman

Copyright Dispute Against George Zimmerman Rick Wilson and The Associated Press v. George Zimmerman

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phillips, hunt & walker Cease and Desist (2013)

Photographer Rick Wilson (represented by us) and The AP (not represented by us) whose took a photograph of State Attorney Angela Corey, which was used as the basis for an identical “paint-by-numbers” painting by the man who killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, which was a clear copyright violation.  Zimmerman had previously sold artwork on eBay and we notified Zimmerman that he should expect legal action if he continues to use the photo. “You just can’t do that,” Phillips said. “You just can’t take somebody else’s work and make it your own.” If Zimmerman moves forward with plans to sell the image, “the next step would be to, in conjunction with the AP, to file suit against him,” Phillips said.  Wilson said he hired the attorney “to provide me guidance and assistance through this process, not specifically to file a lawsuit against George Zimmerman.”  Thus, far our letter has worked.

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