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phillips, hunt & walker Auto Product Liability Lawyer in Jacksonville

Product liability laws safeguard against dangerous products. In the auto industry, a plaintiff can claim if they prove a car was defective at the time it left the manufacturer. There are three types of product defects that can cause liability:

  • Design defects: These defects are inherent and exist before the product is manufactured.
  • Manufacturing defects: These defects occur during the construction or production of the item.
  • Defects in marketing: These defects can apply to motor vehicles.
As the adoption of electric vehicles grows, so does the scrutiny and legal action related to various issues, including range loss, combustion risks, and fire hazards associated with EV batteries. Lawsuits against manufacturers may be based on allegations of false advertising, product liability, breach of warranty, or negligence. These legal challenges underscore the importance of ongoing research and development to enhance the safety and reliability of EV batteries in the automotive industry.

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top rated Attorney Florida’s Law on Auto Product Liability

Florida, like many other states, has laws and legal principles that govern auto product liability. Auto product liability refers to the legal responsibility of manufacturers, distributors, or sellers of automobile products for injuries or damages caused by defective or unsafe vehicle components. Here are key aspects of Florida’s law on auto product liability:

1. Product Liability Laws: Florida has specific statutes and legal precedents that address product liability claims, including those related to automobiles and their components. These laws are designed to protect consumers from defective or dangerous auto parts.

2. Basis for Auto Product Liability Claims: In Florida, auto product liability claims typically revolve around defects in vehicle components, including but not limited to:

  • Design Defects: Allegations that a vehicle or its component was inherently flawed in its design, making it unreasonably dangerous even if manufactured correctly.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Claims that a defect occurred during the manufacturing process, resulting in a particular vehicle or component being different from its intended design and unsafe.
  • Failure to Warn: Claims that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions about known risks associated with the vehicle or its components.

3. Parties Liable: Liability in auto product liability cases can extend to various parties involved in the production and distribution of the vehicle or its components, including:

  • Automobile Manufacturers: Companies that design, manufacture, and assemble vehicles and their parts may be held liable if defects are identified.
  • Component Manufacturers: Manufacturers of specific vehicle components, such as airbags, tires, brakes, or electronics, may also be liable for defects in their products.
  • Distributors and Sellers: Entities involved in the distribution and sale of vehicles or components may share liability if they were aware of defects or failed to take appropriate measures to ensure product safety.

4. Legal Standards: To establish a successful auto product liability claim in Florida, the plaintiff typically needs to prove:

  • The existence of a defect (design or manufacturing) in the vehicle or its component.
  • That the defect was present when the product left the control of the manufacturer or seller.
  • That the defect was a proximate cause of the injuries or damages suffered by the plaintiff.

5. Statute of Limitations: Florida has a statute of limitations that sets a time limit within which a product liability lawsuit must be filed. The specific time frame may vary depending on the circumstances and the type of claim but generally ranges from 2 – 4 years from the date of injury or discovery of the defect.

6. Comparative Fault: Florida follows a comparative fault system, which means that if the plaintiff is found partially responsible for the accident or injuries, their recovery may be reduced in proportion to their level of fault.

7. Legal Representation: In auto product liability cases, it’s essential for plaintiffs to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys who specialize in product liability. Attorneys can assess the merits of the case, gather evidence, determine liability, and advocate for the rights of the injured party to seek compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Florida’s auto product liability laws provide legal recourse for individuals who are injured or experience damages due to defects in vehicles or their components. These laws are designed to protect consumers and hold responsible parties accountable for defective or dangerous auto products. Consulting with a qualified attorney is crucial when pursuing an auto product liability claim in Florida to ensure that one’s rights and interests are adequately represented.

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phillips & hunt Results

$495+ Million Verdict

Phillips obtained one of the largest verdicts in American history of over $495+ Million dollars in the shooting death of Kalil McCoy. Her killer was also convicted in the criminal courts.


Jordan Davis: Wrongful Death

Represented the family of Jordan Davis and assisted with criminal prosecution of Jordan's killer, handled media relations of internationally reported case and obtained confidential maximum available civil settlement.


Medical Malpractice

Confidential settlement of over 120 cases against a pediatric dentist who was also prosecuted. We also assisted with shutting his dental practice down. He no longer practices dentistry and was arrested.


Automobile Accident

We received a record $2.6 Million Jury Verdict against Volusia County. It was one of the highest ever against Volusia County. Our trial was televised on Good Morning America and reported nationally.


RSD / CRPS Verdict

Obtained jury verdict in Jacksonville, Florida of over $900,000 and added attorneys fees of over $250,000 on a case State Farm only offered approximately $30,000 for years.


$1.1 Million Verdict Against Coca-Cola

We obtained an over $1 million jury verdict against Coca-Cola in moderate impact soft tissue damages case in Gainesville, Florida. Coca-Cola failed to even offer medical bills before trial.


Brain Injury Medical Malpractice

Phillips obtained a confidential settlement against a chiropractor who provided prescription pain medication to a boxer in advance of an Olympic qualifying fight. She sustained a brain injury due to secondary impact syndrome.


$1 Million Settlement

Client's child was tragically run over and killed by a motor vehicle in her driveway. Phillips and his team settled the case for over $1 Million without the need of filing a lawsuit.


Over $1 Million Settlement

Cliente recibió más de $ 1 millón en accidente automovilístico. También ayudamos a clientes que hablan español. We handle cases in English, Spanish and Creole.

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