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Folio Weekly Best of Jax: Matthew Hunt: Best Divorce Lawyer and Best Family Lawyer (2019)

The Folio Weekly, Northeast Florida’s popular “alternative news magazine,” annually lets its readers vote and give awards the “Best of Jax,” which recognizes the best in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Fleming Island and elsewhere in its annual Best of Jax reader survey.  Our lawyers racked up again.

2019 Best of Jax:

Matthew Hunt won Best Divorce Lawyer and Best Family Lawyer.

Phillips & Hunt won Best Law Firm and Best Collection Lawyer.

John Phillips won Best Lawyer, Best Personal Injury Lawyer, Best Social Justice Crusader and Best Hero. He came in 2nd Place for Best Philanthropist, 4th Place for Best Community Activist, 4th Place for Best Criminal Lawyer and 4th Place for Best Marijuana Lawyer.

Attorney Finley Williams came in 3rd Place for Best Criminal Lawyer, 2nd Place for Best DUI Lawyer, 3rd Place for Best Marijuana Lawyer.

Attorney Kirby Johnson came in 5th Place for Best Personal Injury Lawyer and 2nd Place for Best Insurance Claim Lawyer.,21935?fbclid=IwAR29NEi-QYNOPec_VvBTWlM-XykySts8WBf8IcXeZUi41pASQu50YNd7ocs