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50 Questions- Dissecting Murder or Manslaughter- Questions I’d Like to Ask George Zimmerman

50 Questions- Dissecting Murder or Manslaughter- Questions I’d Like to Ask George Zimmerman

by John M. Phillips

I have about 50 questions I’d like George Zimmerman to explain. I think he exhibited spite. I think he exhibited ill will. But I know he was criminally negligent in his actions and inactions which led to the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. It may be the laws of this messed up country do not agree. It may be the jury won’t agree. But I know the difference between right and wrong. As my dad always quipped in the ultimate (sic), “don’t start no shit and there won’t be none.”  Mr. Zimmerman, you need to be held accountable for killing Trayvon Martin, no matter how little you “valued” his life.  Every life is worth the same under God.

  1. Why get out of the vehicle?
  2. Why not roll down the window and actually talk to Trayvon, say, “hey man, what’s up? You okay? I am neighborhood watch”?
  3. Who were you referring to as “punks” or “assholes”?
  4. Why did you lump Trayvon Martin in with those people? On what basis?
  5. Why didn’t George follow the police operator’s instructions to not follow Trayvon?
  6. Why did he answer “ok” when he was told he didn’t need to follow, and yet, keep following Trayvon?
  7. Why did George leave an actual street to look for a street sign?
  8. Why did George go to a pitch black area on the backside of houses to look for an address?
  9. How did George, as the neighborhood watch captain, who had made 40-plus prior reports, who was right near his best friend’s house who had gone door-to-door and knew that area, claim to not know that area that night?
  10. You knew that the kid that fit the description of the burglar you were looking for had already been caught, right? So all black kids with a hoodie were burglars?
  11. Why didn’t George put himself in Trayvon’s shoes and think- I wonder if this kid who saw me staring at him and chase him thinks I’m the actual one acting suspect here?
  12. How did the 30 seconds of activity George described from the call to the police to murder take actually over 2 minutes?
  13. What happened in that time? You were hunting him, weren’t you?
  14. You were trying to smoke him out so you could catch him and “be” the police, weren’t you?
  15. Why did he take 2 flashlights if he was looking for a street sign?
  16. How was just about every one of George’s close friends a cop or retired military, how was he so into guns and being a cop, how was one of his ambitions to “chase” bad guys, how was he such a captain of the neighborhood watch and yet “forget” he had a gun while pursing a “suspect”?
  17. Why did George get out of his car to follow with no weapon drawn if he thought Trayvon was a suspicious kid on drugs with a gun?
  18. How did Trayvon come out of bushes when there were no bushes?
  19. How did Trayvon jump him at the T but every piece of evidence and witness testimony is dozens of yards from there, including the phone that fell to the ground when the initial confrontation happened.
  20. Why didn’t George -ever- identify himself as neighborhood watch or ask Trayvon what he was doing?
  21. How did he get his head slammed 20 times into the concrete and never suffer a concussion or even need a stitch?
  22. How did George lose a fight to a kid he outweighed, when George paid over $100 per month for MMA classes for a year before this fight (which was subsequently named as the “George Zimmerman Training Program”) and he was the aggressor coming towards Trayvon?
  23. How does George scream while Trayvon had his hand over his mouth?
  24. How come George denied it was his voice the day after the killing, but knew it was his voice days later on Fox News?
  25. How did George pull out his gun from inside his pants on his right buttock when he was sitting on it and Trayvon’s leg blocked it?
  26. How come the voice stops immediately after the gunshot?
  27. How come Trayvon had only a 2 cm scratch on his left ring finger- no other scrapes, scratches, bruises, defensive wounds, fingernail dna or anything else?
  28. How come George have any scrapes or scratches on his hands, defensive wounds or other issues if he was in a “fight for his life”?
  29. Why was there no blood, grass or dirt on your jacket after this incident?
  30. Did Trayvon grab gun or not? Why did you tell Osterman that? Was it because you changed your tune after you discovered there was no DNA on the gun?
  31. Why did you tell the detective you spread out Trayvon’s hands, yet his body was found with them on the interior of his body?
  32. Why did you re-holster your gun like you were in the wild, wild west and react with to little emotion after taking a life?
  33. Why didn’t you scream, call for help, to neighbors, or check on the kid you just shot, but instead left him slumped over?
  34. Why did George assume this black kid was a suspect of a crime, including even after he killed him and tea and candy were found on him?
  35. Why did George Zimmerman not testify if he truly believed in his case and his rights?
  36. Why didn’t George’s wife testify it was her husband’s voice screaming, when she would have known his voice the best; and was it because she had been charged with perjury over defrauding the court in this case?
  37. What really is the story with him and his ex-fiancé (link here)?
  38. What really was the story with George and the allegations of child molestation (link here)?
  39. What is the story with his myspace page (link here)?
  40. What difference does Trayvon’s school suspension make when no one has ever alleged he was doing anything wrong on the night in question?
  41. You have been portrayed as a docile guy who couldn’t fight, but didn’t you attack a cop? Weren’t you arrested for fighting? Didn’t your ex get a restraining order for stalking and allege verbal and physical abuse? (link here)?
  42. Did he really get a concealed weapon to carry around to shoot renegade neighborhood dogs?
  43. If you were so hurt, why not go to the doctor that night, why did bandaids fix your injuries?
  44. What kind of people really are “with” him, when his best friend writes and sells a book about him before his trial, his own father writes and sells an e-book right before trial and his brother won’t stop “speaking for George” despite being asked to do so by George’s lawyer?
  45. Why did the words “Stand Your Ground” never get uttered again in Court after his legal team made such a huge deal over it in fund raising for the legal defense fund?
  46. How come on Fox News you said you had never heard of Stand Your Ground, but your criminal justice professor said you were a top student and spent many hours discussing it with you before this incident and Taffee and others trained you in gun handling and laws?
  47. Why did he need to load an extra bullet in the chamber to go to Target?
  48. Why did the defense team fight so hard to bring up the trace amounts of THC / marijuana in Trayvon’s blood stream, yet never use it in evidence? Was it is because Trayvon is not known at all for making someone aggressive, unlike the medicines George Zimmerman was on?
  49. Will did George break all codes, rules and standards he was ever taught about being a neighborhood watchman and become a neighborhood chase-man and take a gun to a conflict without any attempt at giving warning?
  50. Why point the gun directly at his heart and not his shoulder or somewhere which would have ended the confrontation less harmfully?

Answer- because he is a lying, wanna-be cop, who killed an innocent kid.