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Did you hear what John Phillips said on CNN/HLN?

I can count at least 4 John Phillips who regularly appear on television or radio.

First, there is the football player. He’s the one who is Twitter verified, despite having the least followers (1388) and having probably the least amount of logged TV and Radio time. His Twitter account is @jphillips8983.

Then there is the John Phillips out of Pittsburgh, who has been doing sports radio for a while. He worked with Pete Rose back in the hey day and is a great person to follow.  His interview of Pete in 2013 has made the internet rounds several times. Listen to it here- His Twitter account is @PGHJohnPhillips. He’s had more than his fair share of TV and radio time.

A third John Phillips is probably the most popular right now. He’s the host of a drive time radio show out of Los Angeles on KABC and is working for CNN, largely espousing the pros of one Presidential candidate named Donal J. Trump. His Twitter account is @Johnnydontlike. I have been on John’s show 3-4 times and he’s a great guy with a keen wit. He’s on CNN nearly daily these days.

That brings me, well, to me. In 2011 or so I discovered the handle @JohnPhillips wasn’t being used by its owner, made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and had no idea that my sleepy little Twitter account would become a sounding board for high profile cases we handled, like Jordan Davis, be promoted on nearly every national network as I became a legal correspondent across the country and in England, or be used to promote my TEDx Talk or other speeches I have made nationally and internationally. 12,000 followers later, I am the “most followed” John Phillips for the time being. However, I am still often confused for the “other” John Phillips.

The “east coast” John Phillips had me on his radio show yesterday to discuss it. It was a blast. My apologizes for the static on my cell phone. I had no idea AT&T was giving me such a hard time.

Listen Here:


Not to leave them out, let me give a shout out to some of the other John Phillips on Twitter:

No, I am not the only John Phillips to give a TEDx Talk. There is John Ryan Phillips, who spoke on Child Sex Slavery and is on twitter as @RyanJohn88.

There’s another “voice” under the name John Phillips, as the “Director of Athletics at Embry-Riddle (Fla.). Voice of NASCAR & Rolex 24 for WNDB (1150 AM & 93.5 FM).” He goes by @JP_Daytona.


There is @drjohn_Phillips, who has authored more than 50 books on the Bible and founded John Phillips Ministries International. Not shabby, as he has written more books than the rest of us combined.

There’s @11JohnPhillips, who apparently is a pretty righteous basketball player and good dude.

Also hailing from Alabama is @nighthawkpub. He is “Known as Bubba from Birmingham. Proud Hunter. Freelance writer, author, photographer, wild game chef, and consultant. Founder, Night Hawk Publications.”

And I also will give a shout out to the former professional golfer @PhillipsJohnJ.

In addition to constant references to John Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas, references to John Philip Sousa (very different) and even multiple other lawyers by the same name in my City and State, we all endure some confusion, but all work to better our name.