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How does someone pick a personal injury or automobile accident lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida?

How does someone pick a personal injury or automobile accident lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida?

There are many factors you can consider when picking a lawyer for your injury case. Here is our top 5 list.

5. Pick someone who cares. Compassion goes a long way. We are story tellers and whether telling that story to a jury, a judge, the media or an insurance adjuster, having a lawyer in your corner who cares about people makes a difference. Our firm is highly involved in our clients’ lives and the community of northeast Florida as a whole.

4. Pick a lawyer who will actually meet with you on day one. Too many firms sign up clients in bulk. They send non-lawyers to meet with you. We always send one (and sometimes two) lawyers to get to know our clients. This consultation is always free. Don’t settle for meeting with a non-lawyer. Ever.

3. Look for a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. The Florida Bar regulates all of the lawyers- around 100,000- in Florida. There are only a handful of lawyers who go the extra mile- more testing, more learning, more experience, more peer scrutiny such that the Florida Bar has awarded them with Board Certification. Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers are allowed to call themselves experts. John is one of the youngest Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers in all of northeast Florida.

2. Ask about costs. Many firms charge you to even open your file, to copy the records you brought them, for the stamp on the ‘thank you’ letter they send you and worse- many charge compounding interest on these costs. This adds up to take money (and sometimes a lot of money) from you. We don’t nickel and dime our clients.

1. Settlements and verdicts are important. John has several multi-million settlements and jury verdicts and tries cases to jury verdict regularly. Many lawyers hire other lawyers to try their cases. We handle cases -big and small, quick and long- at every stage in the process.