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Cringe Worthy Chiropractic Adjustment Video – Showing How Not to Get Your Spine Adjusted

Chiropractors often offer a natural, holistic, medication-free approach to healing and pain recovery. Chiropractic treatment focuses on the relationship between the body’s structures, particularly the spine, and how it functions through the entire nervous system. They primarily perform spinal manipulations (adjustments) to correct misalignment of the spine and set things in balance.

Many of our clients visit chiropractors to get well. None of our clients ever undergo anything like this (which has been jokingly referred to as the Mortal Kombat version of chiropractic adjustment):

If not done right, by a qualified and caring chiropractor, chiropractic manipulation can lead to a stroke, bulging or herniated discs, pinched arteries, spinal stenosis, frequent headaches, numbness/tingling of limbs, vertigo or facial paralysis. Professional negligence and medical malpractice is more complicated to prove than a standard negligence case, as the plaintiff is required to show what a typical, reasonably competent chiropractor would have done under the circumstances and that the defendant chiropractor didn’t meet those standards. The above video would arise to that level in the U.S.

Here’s a more Americanized version of cracking which is not without its own controversy: