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<span>Victims of Violence</span> One Voice Project

Victims of Violence One Voice Project

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phillips, hunt & walker About Victims of Violence

Victims of violence have much in common- great sorrow, profound shock, and unanswered questions. While there are many acts of violence where we can help you- the victim or loved one of a victim, one way we have helped in the past is with a focus gun violence victims.

After representing and counseling families of gun violence towards identifying those that take advantage of them and giving them access to the justice system, which is often ignored, we saw a need to unify these families. We created One Voice. We wanted to add strength to the voices of gun violence victims in legislatures and courthouses. It is more of a public service project than anything because for too long, parents like Shanda, mother of Tiphne Hollis, had been doing it alone.

You won’t see many lawyers willing to write cease and desist letters preventing the use of these victims online or on shirts in flea markets, or allowing women like Lucia McBath instill or receive inspiration to fight another day. Paul SampletonJordan DavisTiphne HollisKalil McCoy are some of those we are assisting. I say that to say this, these stories are important. These lost children are important. Anything we can do to give parents of our fine city reason to talk to their kids creates a butterfly effect in its own right- we can help one person at a time.

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