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<span>Paternity Attorney</span> Jacksonville

Paternity Attorney Jacksonville

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phillips, hunt & walker Paternity Attorney Jacksonville

Throughout your case, Law Offices of John M. Phillips maintains an open line of communication so you always understand the progress of your case and where you stand. An attorney will give you all the information and resources to make decisions that are right for your future and the future of your family. Give the firm a call today at (904) 444-4444 to learn more.

At Law Offices of John M. Phillips, you will find an attorney who is serious about family law and has handled many paternity matters in the Jacksonville area. One of the most important decisions that you can make while being involved in a paternity dispute is hiring an attorney who is not only experienced but cares and is compassionate.

From routine to complex cases, Law Offices of John M. Phillips works to achieve security for children, families and the individuals who chose the firm to represent them. Whether through negotiation or in court, the firm will work to ensure your interests are at the forefront of your case. Law Offices of John M. Phillips uses creativity, determination and an in-depth knowledge of the law to help each client.

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