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<span>Trademark Dispute</span> Over Left Shark

Trademark Dispute Over Left Shark

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phillips, hunt & walker Left Shark Trademark Dispute

Fernando Sosa, operator of the website Political Sculptor v. Katy Perry (2015)

Three powerful words which can work both ways- cease and desist. As a confidential settlement was reached, we can’t discuss much, but we took over a case where Katy Perry and her team sought to shut down a Florida-based 3D printing and figurine design company which made novelty “Left Shark” figurines. Team Katy claimed the happy, dancing shark meme born of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance was hers and hers alone. The matter got more complicated with Team Perry used our client’s figurine in a trademark application, resulting in settlement.  Some cases are settled confidentially by the parties. Not every settlement amount is public. These are placed here to let you know what kind of cases we take. Many confidential settlements are higher profile cases.

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