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phillips, hunt & walker Recalled Toy Lawyer in Jacksonville

Toy recalls involve toys that manufacturers have requested to be returned. Check the CPSC website or the toy company’s site for recall info. Some famous recalled toys include:

  • Lawn darts
  • Easy-bake oven
  • Inflatable baby floats
  • Fidget spinners
If you have toys that have been recalled, don’t throw them out. You should dispose of the recalled product in accordance with local requirements.

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top rated Attorney Florida’s Law on Recalled Toys

Florida, like other U.S. states, adheres to federal regulations and guidelines concerning recalled toys. The primary federal agency responsible for overseeing toy recalls is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Florida’s state laws and agencies work in conjunction with these federal regulations to ensure toy safety. Here are key aspects of Florida’s law on recalled toys:

1. Federal Jurisdiction: Toy recalls in Florida fall under the jurisdiction of the CPSC, a federal agency responsible for regulating consumer products, including toys, to ensure their safety. The CPSC sets federal standards and guidelines for toy safety.

2. Reporting to CPSC: Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in Florida are required to report any potential toy safety hazards or defects to the CPSC. This reporting is crucial to initiate recall actions promptly and protect consumers.

3. Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA): Florida follows the federal Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), which provides the legal framework for regulating and recalling consumer products, including toys. The CPSA empowers the CPSC to order recalls of unsafe toys.

4. Consumer Notifications: During a toy recall, manufacturers and retailers are responsible for notifying consumers about the recall. This may involve media announcements, product labeling, or direct communication with retailers to remove affected toys from store shelves. Florida residents can stay informed about recalls through official channels and consumer alerts.

5. Legal Recourse: If a Florida resident or consumer is harmed or their child is injured due to a recalled toy, they may have legal recourse against the responsible parties, including toy manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Product liability laws may apply to seek compensation for injuries or damages.

6. CPSC Website: Florida residents can access information about toy recalls on the CPSC’s official website. The CPSC maintains an updated database of recalled products, including toys, to keep consumers informed about potential hazards.

7. Child Safety: Florida places a strong emphasis on child safety and has state laws and regulations in place to protect children from unsafe products, including toys. State authorities may work in collaboration with federal agencies to enforce safety standards.

Florida’s law on recalled toys primarily aligns with federal regulations and guidelines set by the CPSC. The state cooperates with federal agencies to ensure toy safety and relies on the CPSC’s authority to order recalls of unsafe toys. Florida residents have legal options for seeking compensation if they or their children are harmed by recalled toys, and they can access recall information through official channels and the CPSC website.

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$495+ Million Verdict

Phillips obtained one of the largest verdicts in American history of over $495+ Million dollars in the shooting death of Kalil McCoy. Her killer was also convicted in the criminal courts.


Jordan Davis: Wrongful Death

Represented the family of Jordan Davis and assisted with criminal prosecution of Jordan's killer, handled media relations of internationally reported case and obtained confidential maximum available civil settlement.


Medical Malpractice

Confidential settlement of over 120 cases against a pediatric dentist who was also prosecuted. We also assisted with shutting his dental practice down. He no longer practices dentistry and was arrested.


Automobile Accident

We received a record $2.6 Million Jury Verdict against Volusia County. It was one of the highest ever against Volusia County. Our trial was televised on Good Morning America and reported nationally.


RSD / CRPS Verdict

Obtained jury verdict in Jacksonville, Florida of over $900,000 and added attorneys fees of over $250,000 on a case State Farm only offered approximately $30,000 for years.


$1.1 Million Verdict Against Coca-Cola

We obtained an over $1 million jury verdict against Coca-Cola in moderate impact soft tissue damages case in Gainesville, Florida. Coca-Cola failed to even offer medical bills before trial.


Brain Injury Medical Malpractice

Phillips obtained a confidential settlement against a chiropractor who provided prescription pain medication to a boxer in advance of an Olympic qualifying fight. She sustained a brain injury due to secondary impact syndrome.


$1 Million Settlement

Client's child was tragically run over and killed by a motor vehicle in her driveway. Phillips and his team settled the case for over $1 Million without the need of filing a lawsuit.


Over $1 Million Settlement

Cliente recibió más de $ 1 millón en accidente automovilístico. También ayudamos a clientes que hablan español. We handle cases in English, Spanish and Creole.

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