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Sports & Courts Episode 13: Boxing and Blabbing

Part legal call-in show, part sports talk show, John combines his passions for sports and courts into a brand new radio show on ESPN affiliate, Sports & Courts. It is available on 1010 in and around Jacksonville, Florida, as well as on and on the 1010xl iPhone application.

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In 2009, there was a meeting in the German capital, the International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted to include women’s boxing in the 2012 Summer Games in London. Of the 26 sports contested last summer in Beijing, boxing was the only one that did not include women, in part a reflection of lingering cultural perceptions that boxing is too dangerous for women. The last couple of weeks have been amazing for Women’s Boxing in the United States as mainstream media has begun to pick up on the fact that the USA will actually be fielding a strong women’s team next summer in London.

That team and the boxing world took a real loss, though, when Ishika “Isis” Lay went down in the ring during a recent fight. It wasn’t a punch that sent her down. It may have been something that happened days, if not well over a week, earlier. Please keep Ishika and her family in your thoughts and prayers.