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VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: Personal Injury – $1,020,000

Mattei & Rivera vs. Miller (2015)

Our Jacksonville, Florida based clients were rear-ended while they were on vacation. As you will see in the first story, the driver was ejected in a massive roll-over. Evidence shows the client was rear-ended by a Ford F-150 which was driving at 94 MPH prior to impact, with a constant throttle and no evidence of braking.  This sent them on a massive roll-over accident.  The driver was in the hospital for quite some time and ultimately lost his leg and sustained many other serious injuries. The passenger had serious injuries as well. They also lost their precious cats, which were in a cat carrier in their car. It added an additional level of hurt, as Pancho and Puky were members of the family.

A multi-state effort was made to find their cats. Read more about it here. One cat, Pancho, was FOUND! Our office flew the good Samaritan to Jacksonville to deliver Pancho to our clients. Thank you to all who helped. The NJ Paper also covered it here, as did

We work hard to make clients WHOLE, whether that means making sure they are getting into the right doctors, advising about a prosthetic and rehabilitation or doing whatever we can to assist reuniting clients with their feline family.

This was a policy limits settlement.

The Personal Injury division of Phillip’s, Hunt, Walker and Hanna is able to help. Phillips, Hunt, Walker & Hanna is located at 212 North Laura Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. You can submit a free case evaluation online at or over the phone at (904) 444-4444.