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5 simple tips on how to choose a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer

5 simple tips on how to choose a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer

1) Are they Board Certified in Civil Trial Law? This is the Bar’s “expert” standard. John is-!OpenView&Start=1&Count=1000&Expand=44&RestrictToCategory=CT#44.  It requires years of trial experience, peer review, extra advanced level training and passing an all day test.  Very few lawyers achieve this mark.

2) Are they AV-rated in Injury or Death Cases? John is- Martindale has been rating lawyers since the 1800’s. They are the standard for measuring what lawyers thing about other lawyers.

3) Does anyone in their firm have negative history with the Florida Bar? You can look up a lawyer’s 10 year discipline history. John has no discipline and has law licenses in three states and is licensed also to practice before the US Supreme Court. No one in our firm has been disciplined as a lawyer.!ut/p/a1/jc_LDoIwEAXQT-pthRaWo6mkRazxgdCNYUWaKLowfr_42LioOrtJzs3cYZ41zA_dLfTdNZyH7vjYvTxACM3dBrawxEHlOl3ZqgSEHEE7girnxJMMNktoDlOr2qgtF7RM_8sjMoRf-T3zn8RJNQO5BXKtp0AxeYNIRTj-HTx_eJ2Il7ycdg2C6e8_WXgh/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?mid=477575

4) Have they handled similar cases at a similar level?  John recently handled a high profile medical malpractice case (Ishika Lay), as well as the case of a battered child (Aria Jewett) and last year had a $2.6 million verdict reported by Good Morning America (Erin Joynt)- all injury cases. You should review a lawyer’s cases and make sure your injury lawyer focuses on injury cases. That is all John and his team do. He has separate lawyers who handle criminal defense and family law.

5) Did they take time to help you to understand the issues in the case and lead with with compassion? This might be the most important.  You need a lawyer who is there for you.  We give our clients our cell phone numbers and make sure you feel comfortable with us telling your story.  It is important.

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The Law Offices of John Phillips are based in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but John is licensed in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and before the U.S. Supreme Court. We will consult wherever injustice lives. In addition to personal injury and wrongful death, our firm handles family law matters and select criminal defense cases. You can contact us at

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