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phillips, hunt & walker Fraud Attorney in Jacksonville

Whether it means arguing for you at trial, working out a plea bargain or fighting for your rights on appeal, Law Offices of John M. Phillips is your partner for the duration of your fraud case. Jacksonville clients have relied on Law Offices of John M. Phillips for many years. Call (904) 444-4444 for a free initial consultation.

When you are arrested, under investigation or accused of a crime, the world may seem out to get you. While the justice system is designed to protect the rights of the accused while they are under trial, many times prosecutors and law enforcement alike will do whatever necessary to prove your guilt. Law Offices of John M. Phillips believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty and will fight by your side until the very end to ensure that you are treated fairly under the law.

Working closely with you, a qualified attorney can anticipate the prosecution and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision on how to best move forward. Law Offices of John M. Phillips wants to inform and educate you on your options that will deliver the best possible result. This law firm is highly adept in fraud law and equipped with the resources and skills needed to fiercely fight for your rights.

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