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<span>Paternity Attorney</span> Atlantic Beach

Paternity Attorney Atlantic Beach

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phillips, hunt & walker Paternity in Atlantic Beach

Hiring Law Offices of John M. Phillips means giving yourself the advantage of working with an experienced and qualified paternity attorney who has repeatedly proven skill and ability inside and outside of the courtroom. The firm knows that you are going through one of the worst times of your life and know that an attorney can help make it easier on you and on your family.

When you contact Law Offices of John M. Phillips, a qualified attorney will take the time to personally understand all the fine details of your case. From there, together, we will determine the best strategies based on your situation and your desired outcomes. With ample experience helping families with their paternity matters, the firm has developed an intimate understanding of the local laws surrounding paternity.

Law Offices of John M. Phillips is committed to providing each client with quality legal representation and superior service. When it is determined that taking your case to trial is likely to be in your best interest, a skilled attorney is fully capable and prepared to aggressively protect your rights and interests in the courtroom. The firm has the skill, dedication, and tenacity to help you determine the best solution and strategy for your particular situation.

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