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phillips, hunt & walker St Augustine DUI

Clients that work with The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC benefit from the first-hand knowledge that we bring to every DUI case. These charges are difficult to handle, and leaving them up to a St. Augustine public defender is surely a recipe for disaster. We will work with you to figure out how to best handle your DUI case.

Our DUI firm has 14 years of experience justifying reasons for bail; the arguments may include that the defendant does not pose a flight risk or that the suspect has no criminal history. You can count on our DUI representation within the St. Augustine area to be at your arraignment, where there will be a formal reading of the charges lodged against you, and where you state your plea of guilty or not guilty. During your preliminary hearing, our DUI advocate will attempt to show that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to support the charges against you with an aggressive cross-examination of the witnesses called up by the prosecution.

If you have been charged with a DUI charge in St. Augustine, you are going to need help traversing the legal system. The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC specializes in helping clients throughout the area get the representation they need in order to stand a chance at a DUI trial hearing.

If you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor, whether it be a drug possession or trafficking charge, a crime against a child or an aggravated assault, contact The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC for legal assistance. We in St. Augustine will work to provide you with the best defense possible, no matter how complex the circumstances are surrounding your case. We will carefully analyze every aspect of your case and call on experts if that is what is needed to get you the most favorable outcome. At every juncture in your case, we will use our 14 years of experience to provide you with usable and accurate advice, updated information, and personal attention that many other firms promise, but cannot deliver. To learn more about possible defense options for your case or to set up a consultation, contact The Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC today.

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